Transforming Your Life

Stewart Pearce has been an internationally renowned voice coach and a legendary sound healer, clairvoyant, and angel medium for over three decades. He teaches a series of workshops throughout the world which offer psychotherapeutic help, connecting with your guides and angels, voice training, and so much more. He has written three books that are all linked harmoniously and they offer a fresh and ethereal approach to healing and transforming your life.

The Alchemy of Voice makes us aware that each of us has our own unique voice, and it’s part of our personal identity. The premise is that we each have a note, and when we sound that note we resonate the very conviction of our truth. Therefore, it is the sound of our soul. But, most of us do not sound our note. Some people have an intense, high-pitched, fast-paced sound that’s not only loud, it’s irritating to one’s spirit. You’ll be guided on how to find your true calmer and softer sound.

This book shows us how we can use our voice as a channel between our mind and heart to reap profound benefits. Our voice can be affected and influenced by stress, environment, education, and even geographic locations. Chapter 5 will walk you through the significance of our chakras (energy centers) and auras (energy fields). Insight is provided in Chapter 6 on how to rebalance them with sound healing by following the specific steps laid out for us.

Chapter 8 makes us aware that many of us are not completely conscience when we speak. The words and tones we use have vibrations that attract to them the same frequency. Words are more than a means of communication, they expose the emotional state we are in. The final chapter to me is a comfort. It reassures us that we have the potential to transmute our negative thoughts, moods, and energy into positive ones. Our true voice with proper breathing opens the doors to a life filled with pure joy, love, happiness, and success!

The Heart’s Note is a beautiful book that goes beyond the continual auto pumping of our hearts. The secret chamber of the heart is where our individual soul adapts to the universal collective heartbeat, that unites us all through a vast field of consciousness. When we choose to love from our hearts, we enter into a whole new world. Chapter one takes us through 12 different strategies that are like heart clearing exercises. Each one is designed to challenge our awareness of how we use our heart. We are shown that we have the ultimate power to use love from the depths of our heart to completely change our lives and those of others.

There are several questionnaires, meditations, prayers, and visualizations that help us open our hearts and heal on so many levels. Stewart also shares many personal client transformations and healing. Chapter 5 talks about Heart Angels. Angel encounters have been recorded since the dawn of time, and today is no different. They’ve been painted, sung about, and praised by peasants, artists, clergy to kings. There are several ways of discerning angels and you’re walked through the different sensory perceptions. The end of the chapter lists all the Heart Archangels and features their specific strengths, color rays, essence, and mineral stone. This book is a wonderful tool to aid in healing and opening up to love.

The Angels of Atlantis, Twelve Mighty Forces to Transform Your Life Forever, reveals the 12 archangels of Atlantis and their teachings. For many past and present, Atlantis is a fictional island that was penned by Plato. Through research and underwater findings, we now know it really existed.

This book will introduce you to the 12 extraordinary beings that offer us guidance and the keys to unlocking the mystery of our consciousness. Each Archangel is portrayed with a beautiful image and a history of their background.

Just as in Atlantis, if we embrace the notion of LOVE through continuous moments of our consciousness, we will detonate the spark of your spiritual conviction. By chanting and speaking love, peace, and abundance into their lives, the Atlantians found a way to be full of unbound joy. The sound of our voice, the words we speak, and the thoughts we ponder, create a reaction in the planetary forces that result in manifestation. Thoughts are things and they bring about our current reality. Therefore, we must become the guardians of our thoughts. Further chapters share each archangel specific innate powers, and how calling on a specific angel that resonates with you, can be life-transforming. They can guide our souls through a series of exercises to awaken the dormant forces which create a spiritual environment where love and wellness are perpetual.

Reading through these profound books will leave you feeling comforted and hopeful for a more joyful and loving life. Transformation is possible, you only have to ask for help and the angels will assist you.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.