Trendy Haflinger Footwear for Summer

The weather is finally warming up here in Canada and the summer season is only weeks away. There is nothing like kicking off your heavy clunky shoes, stripping off your socks, and feeling the summer breeze and cool earth between our toes. It’s wonderful to feel the sunshine on our pale feet and to finally have more breathing and wiggle room. Total freedom, right? And we’re just aching to sport some edgy sandals.

There are loads of fashionable sandals on the market, but not all offer support or function. Flip-flop styles are popular, but they cause blisters, your feet get sweaty, they don’t have any arch support, and they are constantly slipping off our feet. Importantly, they are not a healthy option for our feet. But, if you care about your feet, Haflinger Footwear is a great choice. They not only offer trendy stylish summer cork footwear, but they also promise blissful comfort. Cork is one of those renewable resources that have lots of attributes making it perfect for footwear.

  • *durable
  • *odor-resistant
  • *impact-resistant
  • *moisture-wicking
  • *lightweight
  • *form-fitting

I absolutely love Haflinger, they have become my favorite brand to wear. They carry gorgeous cork and wool footwear for women, men, children, and infants. Their footwear offers comfort, a natural fit, support, stability, durability, and tons of style. Here are more of their attributes:

  • comfortable, light and airy
  • individually adjustable models thanks to the straps
  • Breathable, high-quality real leather: no sweating
  • appropriate for different occasions
  • ergonomic & anatomically shaped footbed for optimal foot health
  • environmentally friendly, sustainable production

I have to also mention that there are other cork brands on the market, but they don’t offer the variety of styles like Haflinger and they are a lot more expensive. It’s an easy choice to go with Haflinger shoes. Here are just a few of my favorites.

Peter Roman Sandal

The Haflinger Peter sandals are beautiful and the perfect strappy sandal. Although I normally wear backless shoes, I was immediately attracted to the Peter sandals for its Roman look. This style is versatile and you can wear them with shorts, pants, skirts, summer dresses, and even business attire.

The Peter sandals are lightweight and made from natural materials. The fit is superb because of their anatomically shaped footbed. This means no break period, but more of a transition stage where the footbed morphs to the shape of your feet for the ultimate in comfort. There is no chafing, blisters, or friction, just a comfortable fit. The outer sole tread is made from thermoplastic rubber with transverse and longitudinal indentations and elevations for better traction. The buckle is adjustable and the overall workmanship is impeccable.

Neo Travel Sandal

The Haflinger Neo Travel sandals are the ideal clogs. They are very popular because they are easy to slip on and they keep the majority of your feet covered. The exterior is made from thick yet supple leather and the top of the footbed has a soft suede for comfort. The tough outsole is made of the same thermoplastic rubber which ensures wearers great traction and secure footing.

I’ve worn the Haflinger Neo Travel clogs for several months now and they feel very comfortable on the feet. They look heavy, but they are lightweight and stay on your feet. There is just enough of an edge on the back to keep your feet in place. They’re They come in four colors and numerous ladies’ and men’s sizes. You can get them in children’s sizes, but they are made from felted wool. The Neo Travel clogs are also versatile and go with just about any outfit.

First Steps for Infants

When it comes to baby’s first steps, we don’t want them to get off on the wrong foot. We want their first pair of shoes to support them, be comfortable, and handle all surfaces. We know that walking barefoot is good for developing feet. It strengthens their bones and muscles, teaches baby’s how to balance their bodies on different surfaces and they get a sense of traction and grip. But, we still want to protect their little toes from injuries, infections, cold temperatures, and unhygienic surfaces with appropriate footwear.

Haflinger has a darling selection of infant shoes. Some uppers are made from soft leather, while others are made from pure wool. There is a certain standard when selecting infant shoes, and Haflinger checks all the boxes. All their shoes are flexible, soft, made from a natural material, breathable, offer a perfect fit, shoes morph to the shape of baby’s foot and they have non-slip soles. The soles have a combination of soft suede and thermoplastic rubber pads so less change for baby to slip and fall. They’re made with such care and quality, that you’ll want to save them as a memento or heirloom.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, your’s may differ.