True Ghosts, Legends, Lore & More Stories!

When one mentions ghosts, apparitions, shadow beings, spirits, and disembodied voices, the hairs on the back of our neck stand up. Lots of people are intrigued by the paranormal and may even go out of their way to have a mystical experience. Others may cringe at the idea and recoil from the conversation. Then others may just enjoy reading about Ghost, Legends, Lore, Disembodied Voices, and more. If this is you, then you will enjoy the two books featured here. Envelope white light around you, light some incense, and put out your protective crystals! It’s going to get scary!

Ghosts, Legends, And Lore of the Rockies

Ghosts, Legends, And Lore of the Rockies

When we think of ghosts, we may assume they are in older locations, historic landmarks, and age-old castles. But, the truth is they can be anywhere at any time regardless of time, place and circumstance. Such is the case of the Rockies. Follow a haunted historian in Ghosts, Legends, And Lore Of The Rockies! Filled with 40 supernatural stories, it’s sure to raise a few hairs.

  • Phantom of the Opera
  • Ghost Rider of Cimarron
  • Fine, Young Cannibals of Heart Mountain
  • Revenge of Thunder Mountain
  • Skin Walker of Devil’s Head
  • Séance at Fish Creek
  • Corpse Candles of Silver Cliff
  • Hell’s Bells of Cheyenne
  • Salty Ghost of Salt Lake
  • Witch of Diablo Mountians
  • Truth of Old Man Mountian
  • Ghostly Lovers of Virginia City
  • Phantom Joyrider of Pueblo
  • Bansee Bride of Boot Hill
  • Fountain of Secrets
  • Shades of South Pass City
  • Haunted Heyburn Park
  • Time-Tubling over the Overland Trail
  • Gloom of Dead Man’s Gluch
  • Grim Reaper of Loon Creek
  • Ghouls Gulch
  • Curse of Uintah Mountains
  • Ressurecton of Isleta
  • Ghost Riders of Loco Gulch
  • Monsters of the Lakes
  • Death Ship of the Platte River
  • Fountain of Love
  • Queen of the Damned
  • Sizzling Garnet
  • Spirits of the Merry Widow
  • Rogue of Rawlins
  • Bigfoot of Bishop Moutain
  • Crown Jewels of the Rockies
  • Yellowstone Fever
  • Ghost Waltz of Fort Union
  • Weird Cruse of Manitou Springs
  • Fear of Sheep Moutain
  • Truth or Consequences and the Spanish Fly

Read about lovers Jack and Virginia and their pet donkey Brother Brutus. Despite trying to go clean, Jack ended up doing some dirty deeds that got him lynched on March 10, 1864. Brother Brutus ran home to warn Virginia. She rode him to town and arrived just in time to see his body being lowered after he was hanged. To this day his voice can be heard saying Virginia, Virginia, Save Me! And you can hear the hooves rushing home in an effort to save his master. Or read about a mirror that revealed a death hours before it happened. Love Bigfoot? Read on and learn how a man, Albert Ostman, escaped after being captured by these giant beings. Learn about a disembodied spirit who solves an ancient murder mystery. And read about Padre Padilla, who resurrects from his grave every seven years. The tales are entertaining, spooky, and are tailored to tickle your funny bone or pull at your heartstrings.

Disembodied Voices

Disembodied Voices: True Accounts of Hidden Beings

Disembodied Voices, True Accounts of Hidden Beings will frighten the be-gee-geez out of you. As the book acknowledges at the onset, disembodied voices may not be from God, but from a darker source. If you are brave enough to peruse these pages, you will read about those who have encountered discarnate voices and the story behind them. With Halloween approaching, this book might be the perfect reading source to add a little fright into your life!

“To all those who have heard voices and those foolish and brave enough to follow… and never return.”

  • A Greeting from the Shadow
  • The Voices Told Me To
  • Greathing Things
  • Voices from the Sink
  • If Pan is Dead, Then Who Calls?
  • Into the Arms of the Octopus
  • Things That Walk and Talk
  • The Lure, The Trap and The Lost
  • A Trickster’s Guide to Hunting Humans
  • The Call of the Wild
  • We’re Not Out of the Woods Yet
  • ‘Nough Said

Folklore and superstitions are not without their disembodied voices. True life stories and other witness testimonies address the many fearful experiences within the pages of this book.

Read about real occurrences where people have heard disembodied voices and the agendas behind them. Each case has been impartially presented with no exaggeration. Learn about a man who heard a voice say “hey dad’, that sounded just like his son who was sleeping peacefully in his bed. The voice seem to come from the forest… but who was it and why did it sound like his son? What was lurking in the woods around their home and has the capability to mimic their son? Or read about a lady who was getting ready to donate blood. She heard her friend call her name from an outer room. She later learned that he had died that day. Or a young girl who was in the garage looking for her cat. She heard her younger sister yelling at her. She turned around to confront her sister, but no one was there. Her younger sister was upstairs in her room the whole time. Needless to say, it sent shivers down her spine!

Each chapter features several stories with similar experiences. Some stories have happy endings, others are sad or remain unsolved. Have you heard disembodies voices? Do you respond? Or will you think twice about reacting?

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.