Tuffy Books for Babies and Toddlers

Babies and toddlers are inquisitive little wide-eyed sponges that learn quickly through all their senses. It’s fun reading to them, as they react to the different tones and modulations as they listen. They also learn through colors, smell, touch, textures and taste. It’s hard to imagine, but you can provide most of these senses through the Tuffy book series.

Read it. Chew it. Wash it. Love it. That’s the Tuffy way! 

I love the durable Tuffy books series designed for children ages newborn and up. These adorably illustrated books offer an abundance of child-friendly attributes that parents appreciate. First, they gently introduce babies and toddlers to characters, real and fiction that will expand their sensory experience. The graphics are colorful, age-appropriate and captivating. And each page has minimal words so little ones can slowly learn their first words as they explore the colorful pages.

Tuffy book Farm Animals
Tuffy book Unicorns Love Colors

Next, the books are virtually child-proof. Babies instinctively put any and everything in their mouths so naturally, there is great cause for concern. But, parents can take comfort knowing that the spine of each book doubles as a BPA-free textured soothing teether. Plus the pages are safely sewn and made from non-toxic materials. So babies and toddlers can explore the book through any of their senses. Flipping through the pages will strengthen their fine motor skills and finessing their eye and hand coordination.

The Farm Babies books feature baby farm animals including ducks, chicks, piggies, kittens, owlets, bunnies and more. The Unicorn book will introduce babies and toddlers to playful magic and a rainbow variety of delicious colors from pastels to vivid hues. Plus, little will learn about some decadent foods.

The corner of the book has a punched-out hole so you can attach it to a stroller, crib or playpen. The beauty of these books is that moms can wipe them down after a busy interactive day with their baby. They’re the perfect books for every family library.