All Natural Tummydrops

If you have ever been affected by car sickness or traveled with someone who gets car sick, you will know how miserable it is. Having an upset stomach is one of the worst ailments to have. There are products on the market that can help settle a churning stomach but they make you feel drowsy or might not work all the time. You can also get stronger med via your doctor if needed.

Enternal Health & Nutrition has an incredible product for digestive and/or gastro problems. Tummydrops were developed by Gastroenterologists specific for nausea, morning sickness, stomach aches and motion sickness. The Tummydrops are made from natural ingredients, are gluten-free and non-GMO.

tummy drops peppermint

I have a few people in my family who get motion sickness and at present one gal who has morning sickness. My family prefers to take natural products whenever possible. The Peppermint Tummydrops are created with a powerful dose of a special blend of peppermint oil. Other ingredients are brown rice syrup, dried cane syrup, natural peppermint oil (proprietary blend), other natural flavors and are kosher certified. They are uniquely designed so that the peppermint oils quickly enters your body soothing your discomfort. The drops can be used for nausea, bloating and even cramps.

The Ginger Tummydrops contains gingerol has multiple active substances that have been used to aid in nausea and vomiting. Other ingredients are brown rice syrup, dried cane syrup, natural color from beet, natural ginger powder (proprietary blend), and other natural flavors. They are 10 calories each and fat and cholesterol-free.

The drops are small hard candies. Both flavors are incredibly delicious and dissolve easily in your mouth. The two family members who get motion sickness really loved the Ginger Tummydrops and felt they worked better than the Peppermint drops. They had to take about two or three candies to feel a little bit better and they were happy they did not vomit. So, they felt it did a decent job at keeping their stomach settled.


My niece who has morning sickness preferred the Peppermint drops. She not only felt relief from her morning sickness but also from heartburn. I personally get bloated and some cramps after eating a lot of fiber. I was really amazed at how quickly it helped. Honestly, I felt so much better just by taking one peppermint drop. I carry a few with me all the time. I wish they were available in supermarkets in my area.

tummy drops ginger

I think they did a great job of creating these digestive drops. They are to be used for the occasional stomach discomfort and are not candy. Although if a child should get their hands on one there are no ingredients that would harm them. They are completely safe. My family and I really liked the effectiveness of these tiny drops and would definitely recommend them.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.