‘Twas the Night Before Christmas from Music Box

If we reflect back on all the Christmases of past years, there are always some fond memories that make us sentimental and emotional. It could be baking cookies with grandma, watching a holiday movie with our family, playing games with our friends, building snowmen with our siblings, or reading a holiday-inspired storybook that embraced the magic of the season. We had lots of timeless Christmas storybooks growing up, but there were several that were my favorite… you know… the ones that you could read over and over and never tire of it… the ones that sparked your imagination and allowed you to visualize and conceptualize the story in your own way. One of those stories was Twas the Night Before Christmas!

Twas the Night Before Christmas

As you can imagine, there are many versions of this story that have been printed over the years. Each one is endearing, each one is unique in its own way. But, some are created with special options like the ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, Stories from the Music Box. This special rendering of the story is even more magical; it’s endowed with a music box that plays Deck the Hall. What a perfect song to usher in the holiday spirit.

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Secret code: chimney. The sturdy storybook is large, measuring approximately 24.5 x 28.5 cm (9¾ x 11¼). It looks like a gift box storybook with festive colors and images and a wind-and-play dial. As children turn the pages, they are serenaded by the melodic holiday tune. Each page shares part of this rhyming poem in readable portions. And the illustrations are whimsical, jolly, and colorful and will captivate a child’s imagination. When kids read the poem, they can take in the scenery on the page and notice the characters and holiday-inspired backgrounds. Kids are quite perceptive and will compare the words to the image.

The last page shares insight into the origin of the song Deck the Hall and the poem Twas the Night Before Christmas. It was written in the early 1800s and continues to be one of the most beloved poems to read around during the holiday season.

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  1. My little boy loves to read, the art work and story is incredible in this book and I think he would really love it.

  2. I would like to win this prize so that I have something new for my grandson to enjoy when he comes over. We really enjoy cuddling and reading books together.

  3. This book is so nice, and this is such a wonderful Christmas story that has been around for many years and is a great tradition, I love reading this story to my grandchildren and I love that this book has the music box, that is such a great feature.

  4. I would love to have this book around for when my little nieces & nephews come for a visit. This we could read together & make special memories.

  5. Even though, my children & grandchildren,are grown, we still love to read the Twas the night before Christmas, it would be so endearing to win.

  6. I have dozens of Christmas books and buy new ones every year for my grandchildren. This book stands out and would be a lovely addition.

  7. 🎄A Christmas Classic That Would Be Nice To Own, Read & Share! Definitely Look Good On Book Shelf Or Table Durring Christmas Season

  8. Reading “Twas The Night Before Christmas to my grandchildren in a family tradition. My copy is getting very worn. Winning this copy with the added bonus of a music box would be fantastic.

  9. This would be such a blessing to our family if I won this and would bring much joy to my four precious grand-children, thanks for this awesome opportunity!

  10. My 4 yr old grandbaby would love this. My husband always read this to our girls and has started the tradition with the granddaughter.

  11. We enjoy reading as a family especially at Christmas. i like that this book has a music box that you actually wind up with it. That would make for a unique experience.

  12. I would love to win this as when our children were young we would take it out and read it over and over again during the Christmas season. Now that we have Grandchildren I would love to do the same thing with them.

  13. I read The Night before Christmas to my grand kids every Christmas eve. I would love a new copy that plays music 🎄🎵

  14. I love how as children turn the pages, they are serenaded by a melodic holiday tune.
    How cute is that?
    My grandchildren would find this such a treat.

  15. Both my grandsons would love this book.
    I’m not going to Germany until February but this story never grows old!!

  16. I really like the looks of this book, I always put Christmas books out every year, even though my kids are older now. It is surprising how often they pick them up, and go down memory lane. Thanks for chance.

  17. I would love to win this for my two youngest grandchildren who would really enjoy this book. Since we are unable to be together Christmas eve the book would remind them that it was a gift from me and that I wished I could be there with them.

  18. My daughter would absolutely love this. She enjoys Christmas and Christmas music so much!, and we love to read together

  19. I would love to win because I think this would make a wonderful gift for one of my children. It is a classic tale and a great gift.

  20. I would love to win this. Ever since I was a child we read this book every Christmas Eve (I’m 42). I have been doing this for over 20 years with my children and now grandkids (whom I’m raising). My mother passed away just before last Christmas and it truly is a wonderful tradition to continue in her memory.

  21. i’m interested in great books for my kids that they will enjoy for years to come. looks like a classic with a fun twist

  22. I absolutely love Christmas and everything associated with it! This would be a great addition to my “night before Christmas” collection!

  23. This sounds so enchanting and my cousin’s grandkids would adore this book and music box. What a lovely combination of a gift for Christmas.

  24. This is a great classic Christmas book that I think all kiddos should have in their collection. My daughter is just getting into Christmas this and I can not wait to get her a copy and read it to her.

  25. Christmas is extra special this year with my 4 year old niece, her mother passed away this summer. She loves books, winning would be magical!

  26. This would make a festively fun book for the twins. Not only is it a good read but the illustrations will keep them engaged.

  27. I love reading books to my granddaughter. Her birthday is Christmas day. She loves music boxes as do I. I hope she would keep it and read it to her kids long after Im gone

  28. I read this to my chilcren and now my grandchildren every christmas My mother had a music box similar and i would love to gift this to my grandaughter.

  29. I want to win this because I just was gifted with my first two grandchildren, two months apart and I would like to start a new tradition at Granny’s house!!!

  30. I would love to win this because my copy of this book was damaged and we used to read it to my daughters every Christmas Eve when they were young and now that I have a grandson we need to keep the tradition going!

  31. I’d like to win because I think this would be a great story to go over every Christmas and it looks well illustrated too.

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