Tweens & Teens Summer Reads

One great thing summer offers aside from gorgeous weather and long days, is lots of time for kids to read. Whether they’re going to the beach, to the park, on a picnic or lounging on the deck, a book is a perfect companion. Tweens and Teens may be reluctant and a little lazy to read after a long school year, but sometimes an inspiring title or attractive book cover is all the incentive they need. Here are a few engaging books that kids will find hard to put down.

AstroNuts Mission One: The Plant Planet

AstroNuts Mission One: The Plant Planet storybook

Astronuts Mission One: The Planet Planet is a comic book style story about the need to look for a new planet. Sadly, humans have destroyed Earth and now it’s up to four animal robots, made from spare parts and in hibernation for 25 years, to awaken and soar the universe for a compatible planet. Alphawolf, Smarthawk, Lasershark and Stinkbug along with a glitchy 1988 computer called Command Escape, have taken on Mission Goldilocks. With the Thomas Jefferson Nose Rocket and only two weeks to complete their mission, what could go wrong? This book is filled with colorful illustrations, wacky but loveable characters and lots of humor.

Pie in the Sky

Pie in the Sky storybook

Pie in the Sky is a heartwarming, kid relatable storybook. It’s about a boy named Jingwen and his journey through pain, anguish, loss, sadness and heartbreak. Sadly, Jingwen’s father died and his mother moved them to Australia. As an immigrant, he is unable to speak English, so he can’t make new friends at school. He feels sad and like an outsider. It gets worse, he’s also stuck looking after his annoying little brother (who incidentally is picking up English rapidly) while his mom works.

Jingwen’s passion, just like his late father’s, is baking. He believes baking will help him cope with losing his father. Thing is, he’s not allowed to use the oven while his mom is away. But… does he listen? He and his brother actually start baking elaborate cakes without their mother knowing. But, of course, something goes wrong. Featured as a graphic novel, the illustrations are engaging and feed into the storyline. Filled with lots of humor… and martian words, this book is a great read.

This Was Our Pact

This Was Our Pact storybook

This Was Our Pact is a graphic novel story about a bunch of boys who need some answers. You see, every year at the Equinox Festival, hundreds of people release float paper lanterns on the river. It’s rumored that once these lanterns are out of sight, they soar off to the Milky Way and turn into glowing stars. Ben and four of his friends want to know the truth so they make a pact to follow the lanterns all the way down the river instead of stopping at the Weather Face Rock. Oh yeah, there is Nathaniel too, a kid (nerd) that no one really wanted to hang out with. The kids agree on two rules, #1 – no one turns for home and #2 no one looks back! But, Mikey is hungry and it’s Taco night at this family’s home, so he quits the mission and goes home. One by one the kids drop off and go back home.

Ben is going to do this alone, or so he thinks. Much to his dismay, Nathaniel joins him on this quest and wants to see where the lanterns go too. Along the way, they encounter many characters, are put in tough spots and get to know one another. They are actually enjoying this adventure and each other’s company. Filled with magic, wonder and unexpected friendships, kids will enjoy this captivating story.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.