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For those who are aware, awake and alert, then you know most of us are living in the 3rd dimension with blinders on. We see what the powers that be want us to see. We believe the untruths and ridiculous reports that are chirped on the news, which have the world stricken in fear. We think we live level-headed lives and anything considered woo-woo is scoffed at and brushed aside as fantasy. So when confronted with extraterrestrial and 5th dimension information we reject it immediately because our consciousness cannot comprehend it… because the world leaders….the elite that controls everything we do.. tell us it’s not true.

The reality is that we are not the only race in the universe, but there are those who do not want you to know or believe this fact. Too many people have seen crafts in the sky or have experienced an alien abduction. Some of these experiences are positive, others negative and harmful. So how many different alien races are out there? Are they friends or foes? What have they to offer our humble planet and its inhabitants? Are there aliens walking among us?

The truth is other alien races are so far advanced in technology, health and space travel, that we look like the Flintstones. Some of these advanced technologies are available but are being withheld from us by ruling governments for selfish and diabolical reasons. So who exactly provided these advanced tools? Do they have our best interest?

The P’nti | Photo copyright by Su Walker

Or, what about those who can astral travel or use telepathy to communicate with these beings? Is it possible to communicate with advanced and benevolent beings? What if I told you that you can chat with the P’nti on the Sandia the ET Twitter account @SandiaWisdom! They are a Star Nation from Zeta Reticuli II, and their planet is called P’ntl. They are kind, cordial, and delightful to speak with via Twitter. The crew of the Sandia Mountain Information Station has come to prepare us for Official First Contact. Are you ready for this?

If you are interested in more information on this topic, there is an abundance of sources to turn to like the Sandia website and of course their book. Books share some of the biggest insights and profound truths that can have a huge impact on our perception and belief system. Here are two books that may enlighten you and answer some questions that have been burning in your thoughts.

Who Are They Really?: New Approaches to Identifying UFOs, Abductions, and Extraterrestrials

It’s no surprise that the book, Who Are They Really?, New Approaches to Identifying UFOs, Abductions and Extraterrestrials, confirms that Earth has been visited for eons by many alien races and space travelers from extrasolar planets. The presence of aliens on Earth is now established—but not all aliens are extraterrestrials. Supported by previously overlooked traditional, religious, and spiritual knowledge, this first-of-its-kind study shows that abductions of human beings into UFOs are committed by beings connected to humankind.

  • Introduction
  • Abductions of Human Beings into UFOs
  • Preoccupation with the Future of the Earth
  • Abductions and Mating: Ancient, Widespread Practices
  • Two Different Sources of UFO Phenomena
  • What Can We Say about These Visitors?
  • Who Are the Abductors?
  • Conclusion

This book expands way beyond UFOs, abductions that go further back than we think, and alien contact. It discusses topics that are so amazing that it will be hard to put the book down. Manipulation, implants, telepathy, Theosophy, Vegetals, Elementals, crop circles, fairies abducting humans, interstellar travel, and much more. With personal stories shared and commentary added, you can get a glimpse into the world of alien contact and the residual effects left behind. secret code: close encounters.

Astrotherapy: Discover How to Live Better and Move Forward in Life with Your Astral Theme

Like many, I’ve heard of Astro Travel, but not Astro Therapy. What is it all about? It’s about finding serenity thanks to astrology… and the stars. Astrology, is the study of the human psyche and the discipline of the mind. The onset of this book shares the benefits and advantages of Astrology in our personal development. It shares the symbols associated with each zodiac sign and the symbols of the planets and dynamic points. Before you proceed to the challenges, there is a ‘Determine Your Astrological Dominant’ quiz – which mostly marks your character and life. So, it’s important to take the time to learn your dominants.

  • Who Am I?
  • Working on Yourself
  • Going Toward Happiness
  • Conclusion & Short Astrological Lexicon

This personal development tool is no longer considered mystical or magical, but as a serious and essential instrument for personal development and self-knowledge. By pondering, reflecting, and studying Astrotherapy, you will acquire the keys to approaching every aspect of your life with tips, tools, and techniques so you can lead a successful life moving forward.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.


  1. I would like to win this giveaway because I find it very interesting. To learn more about the subject of how others believe in communication with ETs.

  2. I love to learn about stars and planets. Who knows aliens might be real…..do you feel alone in the universe?

  3. I am interested in astrology and I am a big believer that we are not alone. I am very interested in the Astro therapy to help me find myself again.

  4. I find UFOS a fascinating topic. I do not know about Astrotherapy but would be very interested in learning.

  5. I’ve always been interested in this subject matter. I also wonder if I could eventually find remedies for the ailments that are keeping me from living my life.

  6. I am recently new to the world of aliens. Aside from watching the occasion TV show or YouTube video, I never had a lot of interest. I always thought we would be pretty egotistical to think we were the only ones in a universe so vast that it never ends. After the government released photos of what appear to be actual UFOs, my interest has piqued and I am building my library. It would be great to add this prize to my ever growing pile. Thanks for the super giveaway opportunity.

  7. I am curious by nature and love learning about astrology. I love the mysteries and patterns of the universe and feel more connected and understanding – basically a better human being when I explore those magical realms. I love astrology books and astrotherapy seems like something that would be useful for me, and maybe help others understand themselves too~ !

  8. I definitely believe there is more life in our universe that we haven’t discovered yet and I’d love to learn more about extraterrestrials which is why I want to win.

  9. id love to learn more about the unknown its so interesting and i learn something new everytime i read or watch anything on it

  10. I would love to win this prize because my hubby & I are both interested in learning more about UFO’s & Astrotherapy.

  11. I want to win because I do believe 💜

    Thanks for the chance and for the amazing giveaway 💜

    Good luck everyone 💜

  12. For many years now I’ve been interested in astrology, religion, and space and I love to read and learn about NEW WORLDS!

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