The Uncook Book

Raw foods or uncooking, is a lifestyle, philosophy, and a dietary practice of eating only the freshest, cleanest, whole, unrefined, most nutritional dense living plant-based foods. This includes fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, nuts, and seeds. I have been raw for several years, and I fluctuate between 80 – 100% raw, depending on the day, my mood, or the meals I’m creating. Regardless of how raw I am, I’m always eating vegan.

Many think creating delicious raw meals is a challenge, but there’s an abundance of books on the market that offer creative and tasty recipes. My new book The Essential Guide to A Raw Food Lifestyle, The Uncook Book, offers guidance and easy to follow recipes that will get you hooked on raw.

More people are appreciating the health benefits of organic raw foods once they glean some insight. Did you know heating foods over 118° F destroy 100% of their enzymes and 50% of their nutrients? I completely get that it’s tough to go totally raw, but, once you’ve experienced the energy and clarity raw foods give you, you’ll want to keep increasing your raw food intake. It’s a process, and The Uncook book will help you embrace this transition.

The beginning of the book walks you through the raw food basics from reasons to eat raw, to equipment you’ll need, to stocking the pantry. The rest of the book is filled with mouthwatering recipes that nourish the body and feed the soul. All the recipes are made from familiar ingredients so no need for specialty shops. Each recipe has clear and simple directions to follow, plus there’s a crisp photo to view. I personally love seeing the end result; it’s a great tutorial. While each recipe shares how much volume it makes, it does not offer how long it takes to prepare.

I enjoyed perusing through the book and absorbing the clever ideas. The Sunburgers and Onion Bread sound immensely yummy. Top this recipe with fresh tomatoes, onions, and your homemade Ketchup or Ranch Dressing and you’ll want seconds. If you have fussy kids, they won’t even know they’re eating something good for them. The Cheesy Spaghetti is a kiddo favorite. Let’s talk desserts! How about some Minty Chocolate Bark or some Strawberry Cheesecake? There’s even a few cocktail recipes!

I was impressed with the variety of recipes offered; you won’t feel deprived. They’re family favorite recipes turned wholesomely raw. It just doesn’t get any better.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions express are my own, yours may differ.