5 Unforgettable Hiking Trails in Switzerland #CH #Schweiz

With the warmer weather finally here, things are once again buzzing, crawling or bursting into blossom. It makes you want to get out and connect with nature again. I love to hike and I’m always looking for new trails to explore. So when I travel, I do some research and plan which hiking trails I want to leave my footprints on. Hiking offers you the best way to slowly take in the panoramic beauty of a scenic country.

It’s no secret that I love Switzerland, and their hiking trails are breathtaking. Here are several of my favorite trails that will entrance you and perhaps inspire you to experience them yourself.

Nozon Gorge

Nozon Gorge
Switzerland Tourism/Andreas Gerth

Hidden in a secret world where only fairies dwell, is the Gorges du Nozon canyon. A hike of a few hours between historic Romainmôtier and La Sarraz gives hikers the chance to enjoy the many wonders of nature all at once. The Nozon gorge with its dreamlike waterfalls, the ‘Cascade du Dard’ and ‘Tine de Conflens’, will take the breath away of all those who chance upon this site. Plus, there are other gems that tempt visitors to linger awhile.

Eiger Trail

Eiger Trail
Switzerland Tourism / Christof Sonderegger

The Eiger is a 3,970-metre mountain of the Bernese Alps, overlooking Grindelwald and Lauterbrunnen in the Bernese Oberland of Switzerland. Trails in this area are a hikers paradise. But, no trail will get you as close to the Eiger North Face than the Eiger Trail.

If you’ve got your big brave on and have a deep desire to get just that little bit closer to the ever spectacular Eiger North Face and are willing to tackle a superlative high alpine adventure, then you can take the Jungfrau Railway to the station at Eigergletscher and set out on the Eiger Trail. Shortly after starting on this route, you’ll find yourself right in front of the famous rock face itself, and above you’ll notice the metal ladders that give climbers access to the Eiger-Rotstock Via Ferrata. From here on, the trail runs for an hour along the foot of the Eiger North Face, where you’ll be embraced with a beautiful view over the Wetterhorn and the Grosse Scheidegg passes.

Jaunbach Gorge

If you’re looking for heaven on Earth, and an unforgettable experience, then hike along Lake Montsalvens and through the Jaunbach gorge. The hiking trail initially follows Lake Montsalvens, where a suspension bridge soars above a fjord-like inlet. After the dam, the trail plunges into the spectacular landscape of the Jaunbach gorge. Wooden walkways, tunnels and rock galleries, scenic little waterfalls, and polished rocks make this adventure a must-do excursion.

Waldstätterweg Hiking Trail No. 99

Waldstätterweg Hiking Trail No. 99
Waldstätterweg Hiking Trail No. 99

If you’re a long-distance hiker, then the Waldstätterweg Hiking Trail will appeal to you. The Waldstätterweg trail will take you around Lake Lucerne where you can explore the sculptured landscape along with historic sites, quaint villages, and breathtaking lake shores on foot. This picturesque trail leads along lakeside paths, mountain trails, historic footpaths, and urban boulevards.

The Swiss Water Trail

St-Ursanne Hiking Trail

If you’re open to 15 kilometers of meditative hiking pleasure, then you’ll want to explore one of Switzerland’s most beautiful “water trails” that run between Soubey and St-Ursanne. The Hotel du Cerf in Soubey is the starting point of this easy but lengthy hike. From there the trail follows the river further towards Tariche. Located close to the French border, this riverscape offers many a surprise with its wealth of flora and fauna, and its peacefulness is enchanting.

Switzerland’s landscape offers dramatic alpine scenery and plenty of diverse terrain. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of hiking trails in this gorgeous country for all walks of strength. Get out and explore one of your favorite countries.

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