The Wonder of Unicorns

Unicorns are mystical and legendary creatures that have fascinated us for eons. They are angelic, magical and majestic white horses with wings and a spiral horn growing from its forehead. They’ve been the subject of umpteen stories and folklore that have been carried down through centuries of generations. I think we can all recall the endearing Greek legend about the most famous Unicorn, Pegasus. Are Unicorns real though? I found several products that would allow you to make that call for yourself.

I’ve always admired the gracefulness of horses and the Unicorns are always depicted as free-spirited, yet elegant and angelic in nature. I learned a lot more about them in my newest book The Wonder of Unicorns!

The wonders of Unicorns book

This enlightened book offers everything you will need to know about Unicorns. They are angelic creatures that reside in the seventh dimension. Unicorns work through the soul, whereas angels work through the heart. Unicorns gravitate towards those who have a vision to help others and grant wishes to enable them to fulfill their dream. I thought it was interesting to learn that their horn is likened to a magic wand that pours out divine energy. Where ever they direct light, healing on a physical, emotional and soulful level will take place.

There are 44 chapters that cover each aspect of the Unicorn. At the end of each chapter, there are steps, exercises, meditations and ceremonies to do that will enable you to connect with your Unicorn. I found this books so compelling; it’s informative and revealing to those who are open-minded.

The Unicorn Mediation shares some information about Unicorns; who are they, where they come from, and their purpose. You’ll also be guided through two meditations. The first meditation takes you through a forest to meet your own Unicorn. The second opens the opportunity to connect with your Archangel, who’s helping your soul in this incarnation. It’s easy listening and quite healing!

Unicorn CardsThe Unicorn Cards are a deck of 44 beautiful cards that come with a pocket-size user manual. The outside of the cards show the celestial Unicorn, and the inside features a unique Unicorn image with an inspirational affirmation at the bottom for us to reflect on. You can pull a single card or a three-card spread for guidance. Each card will share a quality that you need to focus on for that day. The deck is made from high-quality material and comes in a decorative box. It’s a lovely set.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.