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Valentine’s Day Ayurveda Dyumati Face and Body Dew Duo

It’s Valentine’s Day, and most likely you’ve bought a special love gift for members of your family, but have probably neglected yourself. This year, do something special just for you and your deserving skin. Pamper yourself with the ultimate in Ayurveda face and body care. I’m delighted to share with you, the Dyumati Face to Body Skincare Dew Duo, they will moisturize, brighten and tone your skin. It’s ‘sunshine-in-a-box’!

iYURA’s Newest Skincare Treasure is here to behold! Enwrapped in an exquisite treasure box ? you will be introduced to a whole new set of exotic, ancient Ayurvedic herbs, just for your skin – AND – is VEGAN! ?

Dyumati Brilliant Face and Body Dew

iYura’s Dyumati gift set presents two illuminating oils that will give your skin an instant glow and with continued use, will enhance its tautness and firm appearance. As we age, our skin loses its elastin and collagen so we experience wrinkles and sagging skin. The Dyumati dynamic duo work on dry skin, moisturizing it so it’s soft, supple and gorgeously luminous. Enjoy the triple benefits of an instant glow, deep moisturizing and a healthy plumped-up appearance – everything we want our skin to reflect.

Feeling romantic and floral? Use the Heart Blend!
Feeling meditative or cool and fresh? Use the Awakened Soul Blend!
Or enjoy both blends, one in the am and the other in the pm.

This beautiful gift duo offers:

  • polished, brightened, balanced radiant look head to toe
  • glowing, porcelain, dewy complexion
  • 100% natural vegan ingredients, perfect for aging skin
  • 12 Powerful Ayurveda skincare herbs
  • 2 delicate aromatic experiences
  • No chemicals, parabens, or mineral oi1
  • 100% satisfaction

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