Van Ness Pet Products

Being the owner of four darling cats, it’s vital the litter area is clean, fresh and odor-free. A big factor is your litter brand of course, but the litter pans are just as important. There’s a variety of litter pans on the market, ranging from elaborate to a basic, and coming with or without a hood. I’ve always wondered if the hooded pans are better for our home and the cats, so I searched for one. I found the perfect one online at Van Ness Pureness Pet-caring Products. It was only fitting that I check them out first when looking for an enclosed litter pan.


Van Ness offers several sizes and colors of enclosed litter pans. Being that my cats have not used one before, I chose a clear hood so they can get used to the idea of an enclosed pan and see if anyone is approaching them.

I’ve heard umpteen pros and cons of having an enclosed litter pan, but using it was the only way to discern which is true for me. What I really liked are the Zeolite Air Filters which contain odors from spreading throughout your home. Van Ness has a patented system of air purification, their zeolite-coated filter pads that soak up ammonia gas on contact. The lid has two zeolite filters white absorb nasty urine odors before it even leaves the litter box. The filters last for three months and are easy to replace.


With four cats, I need two litter pans, but now one is enclosed. It took a few days before my cats warmed up to the idea of entering a litter pan, but two of my cats are using it daily. I have a few cats that like to bury aggressively, so litter is scattered away from the litter area. This enclosed pan prevents this from happening, so the litter stays contained and I don’t have a mess to clean up. The pet swing door has pros and cons as well. We removed it because my cats didn’t like it going through it, and the litter wasn’t drying quick enough.

The enclosed litter pan is lightweight, functional, easy to clean, and priced well. I noticed that Van Ness recently got a corner litter pan which is perfect for angled rooms. All in all, we like the enclosed litter pan; it helps control odors and mess. My daughter and her cat live in an apartment so she just recently purchased a Van Ness enclosed litter pan off Amazon, and she loves it.


You can also pick up supplies for all litter pans; extra filters, drawstring bags, and litter scoops. If you’re looking for a holiday gift idea for your pets, swing by and check out their sustainable and stylish Eco Sleeper pet beds.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions express are my own, yours may differ.