Effortless Vegan at Home and While Traveling

I have been a vegan for decades and I completely love this way of eating. It’s a diet that consists of veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, and vegan fats. There are so many misconceptions about a vegan diet and quite often it gets a bad rap. But more and more health professionals are trumpeting the benefits of eating a vegan diet, so many are becoming inquisitive.

Some of the benefits of eating a vegan diet are that it lowers blood pressure, cholesterol, risk of cancer, and reduces inflammation. It also improves cardiovascular health, gut and digestive health, and is loaded with vital minerals, vitamins and nutrients. But some may not know how to get started on a vegan journey or where to find vegan foods. There are oodles of books on the market, and I found two new releases that will get you on the path of creating and eating vegan meals.

The 7 Day Vegan Challenge

Plant-Based Recipes for Every Day of the Week

vegan challenge

The 7 Day Vegan Challenge is a recipe book that embraces everyone from die-hard vegans to those just interested in kickstarting or improving their diet with some vegan meals. It’s divided into six delicious chapters with numerous recipes in each.

  1. Brekkie on the go & on the slow
  2. Sandwiches, salads and soups
  3. One-pot & pan wonders
  4. Savoury traybakes
  5. Sweet tooth
  6. Make your own

The onset of the book answers a lot of questions about a vegan diet and offers some cook’s notes and recipe symbols. There are four symbols – Batch Cooking, Freezable, Last 3+ Days in Fridge and Nut-Free. Each of the 70 recipes is furnished with one or more of these symbols as a quick reference.

vegan recipes

Each of the recipes offers both metric and imperial equivalents and most of them come with mouth-watering full-color photos. Some of the recipes also suggest booster to amp up the health benefits. They’re all made with easy to find ingredients and no special equipment is needed. There is a nice variety of recipes and some of them are Tokyo Hummus Sandwich, Veggie Fritters with Sweet Chilli Dip, Spicy Red Lentils & Quinoa Pot, and Emma’s Carrot Mash Shepherd’s Pie. Yummy!

There are several menu plans at the back of the book that will help you stay on track. They include a grocery list with all the ingredients you’ll need for the week. This vegan book is well laid out and the recipes so inviting. It’s an awesome recipe book to add to your already existing vegan cookbooks or to introduce new healthy meals to your family. My only complaint is that the font is so small. They have a full page to share the recipes, but put the instruction and ingredients in the center with the tiniest font.

The Vegan Travel Handbook

vegan travel

One of the frustrating things about being vegan used to be going to a restaurant. Other than a basic salad, there were no other options that didn’t have one or more animal products included in the dish. That has changed significantly and it’s reached the globe. Now you can travel the world and find vegan options thanks to the Lonely Planet Food source, The Vegan Travel Handbook.

Inside this practical guide, you’ll find not only where to find scrumptious vegan food, but also where to connect with other vegan communities around the world. The book is divided into 8 sections:

  • Planning
  • Inspiration
  • Adventure
  • Relaxation
  • Culture
  • Wildlife & Nature
  • Tropical
  • Road Trip
vegan travel

Each of the sections offers advice, guidance, and information about a vegan life. The Planning section is a must-read. You’ll discover often overlooked costs from booking a vegan meal on your flight to visiting markets to create wholesome meals. You’ll also learn where to travel and the best time to do so. Plus, get tips on packing, preplanning, and how to travel with meat-eaters.

Under ‘Inspiration’ you’ll learn about the Top 20 vegan-friendly cities, vegan tours, food trucks, and festivals. If you’re traveling abroad, then you’ll glean insight into some vegan cultures in Eastern Europe, India, Isreal, and Spain. If you are an animal and nature lover, you’ll learn about resorts that offer more than vegan foods. You can also learn some essential plant-based cooking skills. Or if you are backpacking or driving through Europe, check out the hot spots in Austria & Germany, Australia, the UK and West Coast USA.

The Vegan Travel Handbook is filled to the brim with beneficial green tips, language advice, top restaurant choices, excursions and once in a lifetime experiences that will make your vegan travel plans an effortless success. Slurp soup for breakfast in Vietnam, trek from temple to temple in Japan, join a cultural walking tour in Eastern Europe, or soothe some pains in the rejuvenating spas in Switzerland. The skies the limit. Plus, there are lots of inspiring full-color photos that will give you a glimpse into your possible experience.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, your’s may differ.