Vegan Everyday

There are many reasons why we might contemplate switching to a vegan diet. Eating healthy vibrant foods and having deep compassion for animals are probably the main reasons. Many just want a variety of dishes in their diet. Some might think about it and not know where to start or feel they might not get enough protein or satisfying meals. Enter Vegan Everyday!


*The Vegan Gluten-Free Panty
*Juices, Smoothies and Non-daily Milks
*Sauces, Butters and Spreads
*Snacks and Sides
*Beans and Grains
*Pasta and Noodles
*Saute’s and Stir-Fries
*Soups, Stews, Chillies and More
*Baked Goods
*Vegan Basics

Wow, if there is one book that will make you want to eat vegan all the time, it’s Vegan Everyday. Filled with 500 scrumptious and gratifying dishes that will leave you saying, um, um, good! I’ve read and used lots of vegan books, and a lot of them have the same recipes, but their version of it. This recipe book offers many uniquely crafted dishes that I haven’t tried before, so it’s a breath of fresh air to peruse.

I’m going to start at the back of the book where the Vegan Basic recipes are. These are the recipes that you will be using a lot, and you’ll find yourself referring to them often. There may be a few ingredients you’re not familiar with, like nutritional yeast, lecithin granules, and agar flakes. They can be found at your local health food store, or even at bigger grocery stores. In Vegan Basics, you’ll learn to make 10 different types of vegan cheeses, 10 yummy salads and dressings, and 14 staple recipes; gravy, butter, pie crust, and more. It may sound intimidating, but the recipes are written with clear steps and so easy to follow.

As I savored the recipes, I enjoyed the tips on the sidebar. They offer helpful suggestions, substitutions, and variations; for instance, you can use seeds instead of nuts. Or did you know that if you chop leaves too much or too hard, you can bruise them and cause them to discolor? There are quite a few bright and appetizing photos that will compel your taste buds to try the recipe.

I’m such a big fan of hummus, and this book offers four different recipes, from the Basic Chickpea Hummus to the sophisticated Herbed Cashew and Kale Hummus. Both are delicious and go great with so many main and side dishes. They’re ideal for parties, get-togethers, and snacks. You can dip any fruit, veggie, or cracker into hummus and create an unforgettable meal.

In the Snacks and Sides section, you’ll feel like you’ve reached heaven. Oh my gosh, the Key Lime Pie Bars are divine. I loved the popcorn mixes; they’re so delicious and very healthy for you. In the Beans and Grains section, the Italian-Style Red Bean Meatballs is a cruel-free meat substitute. It’s mouthwatering, and spicy and tastes great with your favorite pasta dish.

If you’re like me, you’ll be spending a lot of time in the Dessert section. There wasn’t one recipe that I didn’t like or want to make. The Deep Chocolate Brownies, Banana Bread, and Apple Strudel Loaf are a must try. You’re family will adore them and they will have no idea it’s vegan and very healthy for them.

You might not be able to jump in with both feet, but test drive a few recipes and you’ll be amazed at how great they taste and how much better you feel. This book amps up the standard vegan recipe and the flavors are out of this world. It’s a must-have for your culinary cookbook collection!

Disclaimer: I received products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.