Vegan For The Holidays Cookbook

I love October, it’s one of my favorite months. I love all the gorgeous colors that permeate our landscape and brighten our spirits. I also love getting ready for the holiday season. October is a really good month to get started on some baking ideas and get prepared for whatever holiday you celebrate in your home, be it Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Years. I love perusing through new vegan cookbooks that have a diverse and fresh twist on recipes to serve for each holiday occasion, and Vegan For The Holidays checks all the boxes.

Vegan For The Holidays is one awesome cookbook that will set our holiday feasts a blazing. There are many misconceptions about vegan foods being cold and boring, especially during the holiday season. Vegan For The Holidays has completely debunked this theory with oodles of fun, cozy and incredibly delicious recipes that will tease your taste buds and encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and try something different. Zel Allen, the very cool author of this book, has created tasty animal-free meals that you will totally gobble up (no pun intended).

Vegan For The Holidays recipe book

Every time I get a new cookbook, the little kids in my large extended family love to thumb through it and look at the pictures and the recipes. Cookies, cakes, muffins, or any kind of desserts are always the first chosen and this time was no different. The Chewy Ginger Cookies were a huge hit.

These soft and chewy delights were so easy to whip up and I had lots of help making them. Full of delicious and wholesome ingredients and perfect for snacks, teas, and dessert. If you like ginger you will adore these cookies. I’ve made them at least 6 times already and the requests are still coming in for more. Decadent, creamy and oh so soft! Resistance is futile!

October is pumpkin month so I went and picked up a beautiful ripe one for the Pumpkin Pine Nut Cookies recipe. The aroma throughout my home was begging me to eat the whole batch. I’ve made these cookies several times already and have altered the recipe a bit. I’ve used different nuts and/or added raisins. There is nothing better than using fresh pumpkin to create these cookies. They taste so much better than canned pumpkin. My family really loves these yummy cookies.

I can remember as a child my mother always made cornbread during Thanksgiving and I loved it so much. The Southern Cornbread recipe will fill you with the goodness of cornmeal and the warmth of fond memories. Served with a bowl of steaming hot soup makes for a cozy warm lunch. A few of the kids like it with peanut butter and honey as a snack. It’s so good!! This is a recipe that I’m going to make year-round because it’s become one of our favorites. I’ve made muffins out of this recipe so they are handy to take to work and school.

Thanksgiving is not the same without sweet potatoes and the Baked Maple Sweet Potatoes recipe will enrich your whole meal. I made this recipe with a combination of yams and sweet potatoes and it was such a big hit. The Harvest Succotash is such a hearty and tasty dish that it works well on its own or with a big Thanksgiving meal. I substituted the lima beans for chickpeas instead and it was so satisfying. I also made the Maple-Dijon Salad Dressing. It tastes great on salad but my family used it as a sandwich spread and dipped their homemade fries in it too. It calls for xanthan gum which I could not find so I substituted it with ground flax seeds, you could also use chia seed as well. So yummy!

There are many more recipes that I will be trying out for Christmas like their Spiced Cranberry Nog and the Jolly Green Christmas Tree. The Vegan For The Holiday’s book is so versatile, inspiring and exciting to use. You’ll want to make every single recipe from the simple to the elaborate! Who said a plant-based diet cannot rock the holiday season? All the recipes are nutritious, flavorful, colorful and festive. I love this book and I’m so happy it’s now part of my culinary repertoire. Cookbooks make wonderful gifts and I think this one would be really appreciated by all.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.