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More and more people are catching on that processed, fast and junk foods do not nourish or serve our bodies in any positive way. Many are learning and turning to a vegan diet or at least incorporating some vegan meals into their daily regime in order to improve their health. I think the biggest drawback for anyone trying a vegan recipe is the fear that it will taste bland or that they will miss their animal protein. But there are oodles of recipe books on the market that provide not only healthy meals, but amp them up with scrumptious flavors. Here are two new vegan books that may inspire you to create some yummy plant-based meals for your family.

Happy Vegan Food

Happy Vegan Food

If you like easy-to-follow recipes, then this cookbook is for you. Have you ever found a recipe that sounds delicious, only to find that some of the ingredients are weird or exotic and no one in your area sells it? Me too and I find that frustrating. Happy Vegan Foods features an eclectic collection of simple and happy gluten-free vegan recipes that are made from ingredients you probably already have in your pantry. And no special equipment, other than a blender is required.

  • What is Happy Food
  • Pantry Basics
  • Happy Start
  • Home Alone
  • Quick & Simple
  • Feasts & Sharing
  • Dips and Sides
  • Favorite Basics
  • Sweet Treats
  • Menu Plans

Each recipe was developed using one or more of the five tastes, sweet, sour, salty, spicy and bitter, plus texture was considered. The book first shares what you need to stock your pantry with. Then it’s on to the recipes. Each recipe features a full-color image, easy-to-follow instructions and specific symbols like Batch Cookable, Freezable, Lasts in Fridge For, and Nut-free.

I have tons of vegan recipes books in my collection and a lot of them still have ingredients I wouldn’t use like sugar, vinegar and certain fats. This recipe book has such wholesome ingredients that you will feel good about making them for yourself or feeding them to your family. Some of the included recipes are Almond Butter & Smashed Raspberry Stuffed French Toast | Hearty Buckwheat Waffles with Strawberries | Baked Shakshuka with Butter Beans | Mario’s Italian Stuffed Veggies | Chickpea Flatbread & Marinated Crunchy Chickpeas and Chewy Chocolate Bars. need to stock your pantry with. Then it’s on to the recipes. Each recipe features a full-color image, easy-to-follow instructions and specific symbols like Batch Cookable, Freezable, Lasts in Fridge For, and Nut-free. Happy Vegan Food is designed to help you through your busy days by providing yummy recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, meals for one, desserts, and snacks!

Vegan Roasting Pan

Vegan Roasting Pan

The Vegan Roasting Pan offers 70 tasty coven-to-table recipes that are made in just one pan. When it comes to making any meal, the last thing we want is to spend endless hours in the kitchen prepping, mixing, and baking. These recipes will simplify cooking processes by reducing the time you have in the kitchen and prove that plant-based meals are easy to make. Plus there are oodles of tips to make your cooking experience easy, simple, and fail-sale while building your confidence in the kitchen.

  • Introduction
  • Which roasting pan?
  • Extra equipment
  • Useful ingredients
  • Light
  • Supper
  • Extras
  • Sweet

No special equipment is needed, just a roasting pan. Stoneware, glass, cast iron, or stainless steel, the choice is yours. You could also use baking trays, cookie sheets or muffin trays to create any of the mouthwatering recipes in this book.

The included recipes are divided into four categories: Light – Perfect choice for a simple lunch or a light supper, Supper – Hearty and scrumptious one-pots your family will look forward to any night of the week, Extras – Side dishes and yummy snacks that are easy and fun to prepare and Sweet – Baked items, tasty desserts and cozy breakfast ideas that are both simple and tasty. secret code: onions

Some of the included recipes are Sicilian Caponata, Herby Lentils & Chickpeas, Creamy Massaman Curry, Harissa Falafel Bake, Bombay Potatoes, and Rustic Blackberry and Peach Tart. It’s the perfect recipe book to embrace plant-based meals.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.


  1. Being 78 years old and living with my 92 year old sister, we have seen many people ruin their health with processed foods.
    We quit that, long before the trend that is having a rush now.
    Foe us, not only the benefits of veggies and fruits to our health, but the satisfaction of knowing most of our meals are grown right in out own garden is great.

  2. As a single mom and teacher, it is imperative that I stay as healthy as possible to take care of myself, my family and my students. The vegan lifestyle requires me to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits than I ever have before and I can feel a healthy change in my energy and stamina.

  3. It appears I have some food sensitivities so incorporating some vegan lifestyle techniques would help with some of them.

  4. I don’t know much about cooking vegan style but I know I would enjoy learning how with this .

  5. I would love to win this as my nephew is vegan and my brother in law is vegetarian so am always on the look out for good recipes, we also have a glut of veggies from our garden plot and are always looking for interesting recipes to try out!

  6. My family and I began following vegetarian and pescatarian several years ago. However, Is vegan diet for us? This book is perfect for us to learn about vegan diet. I would love to win!

  7. I’ve been diagnosed as pre diabetic and I need to eat a lot cleaner. These books would be amazing!

  8. I would love to win this because I love to cook/bake and collect cookbooks! I enjoy reading through them when I am bored and coming up with fun and delicious new things to cook for my family. I am not fully vegan, but I do love vegetables!

  9. my son-in-law is a vegan. I’m hoping this book will have some simple ideas for dinners for when he & my daughter come too visit.

  10. I’m not a vegan, but I’ve found that when I am eating a majority plant based diet, I have much more energy and feel better in general. Because of that, I’ve been looking for more plant based recipes to try. I’m hoping to find some that can be prepared in advance, to eat throughout the day.

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