Warm Buddy Plush Bunny Slippers

Our feet are our sole mates and they have the burden of carrying us through all seasons and all terrains our whole life. If our feet could speak to us, what would they say? Would they be grateful for the gentle care we’ve shown them or would they admonish us for our thoughtlessness? Actually, our feet do communicate with us through temperature and pain. We can experience both if our feet are cold, especially during the colder months.

During the cooler months, we’ll be practical and put on winter boots to trek through the snow, yet indoors many of us tend to go barefoot or just wear our socks. Ever notice kids? Year-round, they seem impervious to the cold and rarely wear slippers. But like me, there are just as many who prefer to wear a pair of cozy slippers. While the market is saturated with tons of slipper types, styles, and colors, one of the nicest and comfiest pairs I’ve seen are the new Warm Buddy Bunny Slippers.

Warmy Buddy Bunny Slippers

The Warm Buddy Bunny Slippers are endearingly adorable. Gushing with so much cuteness, everyone in my home had to pet them and of course, try them on. If you’ve read my other Warm Buddy posts, you know they carry a lot of heat pack items. But, these slippers are not to be heated – so please do not put them in the microwave to warm up. Instead, your feet will stay nice and snuggly warm from the lush fabric the slippers are made from.

The uppers and sides are made from plush, fluffy faux fur that is velvety soft to the touch. The sweet little face is made with black safety eyes, an embroidered pink nose and fabric lined big floppy ears. I love the ears. They are well-tailored with an inner soft pink fabric and outer plush faux fur. And they stand up so beautifully, like real bunny ears. And the inside of the upper and sides are lined with a soft fuzzy fabric to keep your tootsies toasty warm.

Warmy Buddy Bunny Slippers side view

The soles are made from a thick, cushiony, spongy foam and covered with plush fabric. Your feet will savor the comfort as you sink deep into them. The outer sole is made from a durable non-slip gripping material that is great for all ages, but especially kids and seniors who tend to have unstable footing.

The Bunny Slippers are lightweight and easy to slip on and off. They come in three sizes, Large 9 – 10, Medium 6 – 8, and Small 4 – 5, but only in the one color shown. To care for these slippers, they recommend hand washing them only. As Valentine’s Day and Easter approach, these darling slippers would make an ideal gift to honor these special occasions.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to faciliate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.