[Watch now] Don’t Miss These Extraordinary Stories of Healing. These Survivors Took Their Health Into Their Own Hands

Pilar Davila was diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer…but refused to accept anything but remission.

The next episode of the 10-part docuseries, Radical Remission: Healing Against All Odds, starts soon! 

Watch how two mothers connected with their strong reasons for living—their children—and in doing so, healed in a way that astounded their doctors.

Single mother Pilar Davila was diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer and given a low chance of survival by her doctors.

Unable to imagine leaving her two young daughters without a mother, she refused to accept any outcome other than remission.

Five years later, she has defied the odds and continues to thrive—with her girls by her side.

Diagnosed with stage four cervical cancer, Jane McLelland’s dreams of motherhood were stripped away after a hysterectomy, chemotherapy, and radiation.

Following an extensive healing journey with conventional medicine, she took her health into her own hands, fully recovered, and eventually created the family she’d always wanted.

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After that, you can discover the next episode healing factor in their Radical Remission journeys — Deepening Your Spiritual Connection Practice.

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