We Are Knitters Knitting Kit

Growing up, my mother owned and managed a large and very busy yarn store. Being immersed in this crafty environment at a young age, I developed a deep love and passion for knitting and crocheting. There isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not creating some projects with yarn. Many may feel these arts are only for our grandparents, but that just isn’t so. Creative people of all ages are being exposed to the joy and happiness of these crafts thanks to companies like We Are Knitters.

We Are Knitters is a modern company with a fresh, edgy vibe that makes knitting and crocheting fun, exciting, and current. They’ve created ‘Happiness in a Kit.’ Their kits take all the guesswork out, so all you have to do is create your project and hone your craft. The kit comes in a recyclable paper bag and has all the ingredients you will need to create your garment. My Kit included the pattern, four skeins of 100% Peruvian wool yarn, a pair of 15 mm wooden needles, and a sewing needle.

We Are Knitters carries both knitting and crocheting kits on all skill levels. I was drawn to the lovely fair isle pattern of the Bladderpod Vest and chose this kit to make. If you’re a beginner, they inspire you to develop your skills and dip your toes in one of their easier kits. If you’re experienced, then you’ll love working with their gorgeous yarns and creating one of their contemporary and stylish patterns. All kits are labeled according to experience levels, from beginner, easy, intermediate to advanced. If you need to create a larger size, just follow the ‘How to Adapt Pattern instructions, and order the extra skeins needed. If you’re a visual learner like me, they have videos that offer beginner and advanced help.

The Bladderpod vest was simple and quick to make. With 15 mm needles, you’ll have the garment made in now time. I had the vest done in three days.


The Peruvian wool yarn is super soft and thicker than your average yarn. It’s ideal for heavier garments like vests and sweaters. I have a sensitivity to wool, but I was able to wear this garment without any reaction.

The patterns are easy to follow and come with written instructions and a graph. It also shows you the dimensions of the garment and offers tips, advice, and wool care instructions.

I enjoyed the no-hassle knitting experience that We Are Knitters offers. Everything was right from the perfect pattern to the right amount of yarn. I also want to mention that I’ve bought kits from other companies and ran out of yarn, but the We Are Knitters kits give plenty of product so you can finish your project.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions express are my own, yours may differ.