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Wellness-Themed Gifts Anyone Who’s Burned Out by 2019 Will Appreciate

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There are many ways to show appreciation to our loved ones. The easiest thing would be to just call and check on them. Also, we can make time for them when they need it the most. In case this year has been unusually stressful or exhausting, we can give something that will improve their well-being and the state of mind. For the upcoming gifting season, give the gift of wellness. These out-of-the-box ideas will certainly put a smile on your loved ones’ faces.

Healthy recipe cookbook

The diet plays an important role in our wellness routine. Even though we all know the importance of eating well to live a long and healthy life, very few abide by this rule. A healthy recipe cookbook might be exactly what someone needs to jumpstart their healthy eating habits. Find one that offers easy to follow, healthy and delicious recipes. The best way to truly eat healthily and well is to make your own food. Thus, a healthy recipe cookbook will inspire your loved one to change their eating habits. You can also cook together sometime, spend some time together and have a healthy meal.

Essentials for some ultra-needed self-care

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Any woman will be instantly in awe with this little box of goodies. Also, this is the first DIY project on our list because you can combine the contents on your own. Create a mix of affordable beauty and skincare products. For example, include a hydrating sheet mask, some bath salt, a protein bar (a healthy treat), and a scented candle. These self-care treats are ideal for a relaxing spa night at home any woman will enjoy. You can also include a sweet message with instructions on how and when to use this box.

Indoor plants

Since indoor plants remove airborne toxins and have a positive effect on our mood (and our desire to connect with nature), they are yet another great wellness gift option. A stress-relieving indoor plant that is easy to take care of is ideal for people who are under a lot of stress. Not only will they improve air quality, but they will also beautify the interior. Some of the best indoor plants are the snake plant, the Peace Lily, or aloe vera. These low-maintenance plants clean the air and will make the home visually appealing.

Fitness studio monthly pass

Ladies in a yoga class

If you really want to surprise a person with a thoughtful wellness gift, you can give them the tools for fitness success. A fitness studio monthly pass is the gift of health a true fitness enthusiast will know how to appreciate. If they already have a membership, you can give them one more month. In case your friend is a beginner so he or she would benefit from group dynamics, you can sign them up for a group fitness class. For example, Pilates for beginners is suitable for everyone because it is a low-impact exercise that works every single muscle group. People usually make fitness a part of their New Years resolution, so this gift can help them achieve their goal.

Journal – because life is worth recording

Nowadays, people tend to use their phones as a digital recorder of everything. But, putting pen to paper to express thoughts, feelings, memories, can have a therapeutic effect. Journaling is not something reserved for teen years. It is also a technique adults can benefit a lot from. Keeping a journal can help with stress reduction, because people can use it as an outlet for their emotions and learn how to cope in a healthier way. It can be used as a record of memories, moments of happiness or gratitude. If a person feels down, he or she can look up that same date a year ago and read something nice that happened a year ago. A person can also write short messages to their future self. These messages can be motivational, supportive and might help a person overcome an issue or an emotional challenge. If you have someone who might benefit from journaling, make sure to give them a journal and a pen.

DIY immune-boosting kit

This is the second DIY gift on our list – one that will improve someone’s immune system. Winter colds are sometimes inevitable so this immune-boosting kit will definitely come in handy. Make sure to include essential oils like tea tree, eucalyptus, lemon, and orange. Add a kick-ass immune-boosting herbal tea blend, throat lozenges, some tissues and a lip balm. You can also include some body-oil made from essential oils blend to act as a sensory remedy and skin nourishment. This is a great gift for moms because they are the ones that take care of others. But, they need to be taken care of, too.

These wellness-themed gifts are great for those people in your life who can benefit from some self-care rituals. The holiday season is not about gifting the most expensive gift. It is about giving things that matter and that will bring positivity into the lives of others.