Whimsical Coloring Books

There are a number of natural and alternative healing therapies available that work synergistically with our mind, body, and spirit. Deciding on which one to use is a matter of discerning what our personal energy may need at the time. Reiki, Qigong, power yoga, Ho’oponopono, acupressure, Feng shui, aromatherapy, crystal healing, craniosacral therapy, and color therapy are just a few of these healing alternatives.

Color therapy uses a variety of colors to create balance and harmony within the body. Then there is coloring therapy which has many therapeutic benefits as well. Coloring allows us to relax, deal with depression and anxiety, release emotional stress,  and express ourselves creatively. Coloring puts us in a zen space where our bodies naturally loosen the knots that keep our bodies tense. It’s accepted as a healing therapy and as a result, there are masses of coloring books available covering all themes for all ages. Here are two new coloring books that will keep you calm and allow your creativity to flow.

Mythographic Animals

Mythographic Animals  coloring book

The Mythographic coloring book has 52 whimsical illustrations featuring a blend of animals, elegant foliage, and hidden objects. On each page, you may find mythological creatures, birds, butterflies, sea life, fruit, feathers, and other nature-inspired graphics. Hidden in each of the drawings are unlikely objects partnered with the main theme/animal. The idea is to enjoy the grace of the artwork and find the secret objects within. The artwork is beautifully done with refined lines and delicate details.

Gnomes in the Neighborhood

Gnomes in the Neighborhood coloring book

How I love gnomes and the magic of the fairy world, so I resonated with this coloring book. Gnomes in the Neighborhood features 62 enchanting illustrations filled with an abundance of whimsical creatures and their captivating world. You’ll discover a variety of mischievous gnomes and experience what it’s like to live in their peculiar neck of the woods during the four seasons. From winsome gardens to quirky homes to mystical forests to playful antics, the gnomes will be delighted to welcome your color choices.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.