Whimsical Storybooks

Getting kids inspired to read and keeping them interested in books can be a challenge. Very often kids will flip through pages and notice the illustrations, but they never develop a deep love for reading, so we have to set the stage. It’s very beneficial to start reading storybooks to your children very early in their lives, even from birth. Take time throughout the day, not just at bedtime to crack open a few captivating books and let your children experience the story. These enjoyable moments will instill an appreciation for reading and a craving for interesting stories.

Having a child-friendly library at home filled with engaging and whimsical storybooks will encourage kids to pull one out and read it. I’m constantly adding storybooks to our library so there is a variety to choose from. Here are my latest additions from Candlewick Press.

A Green Place To Be

A Green Place To Be is a hardcover whimsical storybook that details the birth of Central Park in New York City. With New York growing rapidly, city officials discerned that a peaceful green space would be needed for its residents. In 1858 they held a contest where anyone could create a landscape design and submit their plans. Calvert Vaux and Frederick Law Olmstead were the winners and in the winter of 1858, the first part of the park was open. The lake was frozen and the city could enjoy ice skating. But it also too many other artists and talented contributors to fine-tune all of the details like fountains, structures, trees and so much more within the park.

This beautifully illustrated book walks you through the steps that it took to make Central Park the stunning green space it is today. The story is fascinating, the colors are vivid and the artwork intriguing. It’s a perfect storybook for a family library. Ideal for kids aged 7 – 10.


Birds is a cheerful book about the massive variety of birds we have on this beautiful planet and how precious they are to us. Kids will discover that birds have different colors, some with vibrant feathers while others have soft colors. Some birds are loud and squawk while others chirp melodic tunes. What would the world be like without the symphony of sounds our birds serenade us with. It also shares some nests, birdhouses, and a little about their habitat. Mostly, it helps children appreciate the beauty birds bring into our lives. The illustrations are colorful, bold and eye-catching. Great for kids ages 2 – 5.

Noah Builds an Ark

Noah Builds an Ark storybook

Noah Builds an Ark is an enchanting story about a little boy with a big heart and compassion for animals. A serious storm is brewing in the distance and Noah is concerned about all the critters in his backyard. While his father is boarding up windows, Noah decides to build an ark so they have shelter during the storm. He uses this little red wagon as a base and constructs a roof. He then goes into his home and gets food and water for these little creatures.  He even wedged a flashlight inside his makeshift ark so the animals would not be in the dark. The storm raged for four days and the water level reached the base of the little red wagon and it started to float across the garden. Finally, a rainbow appears.

The storyline will grab the hearts of all who read this book. It teaches respect for our animals and that it’s our responsibility to help them when we can. The illustrations are so beautifully done and soaked with color. I can see this book being read over and over in our home. It’s recommended for kids aged 3 – 7 years.

Angry Cookie

Angry Cookie storybook

Angry Cookie is a cute storybook about a Cookie who is seriously having a bad day. He woke up on the wrong side of the bed and his day didn’t get any better. As the storybook continues, the Cookie is actually having a dialogue with you, the reader. He’s telling you not to read the book and but in the meantime wants to vent why he is angry. He has an annoying roommate, he ran out of his favorite toothpaste, got a bad haircut, and several more not so nice things happened to him. You see, Cookie doesn’t think anyone hears him so he’s angry at the whole world and wants to run away.

This book is great for kids to appreciate that they will experience different emotions. But sometimes looking at it from a different angle or viewing your product from a whole new perspective can influence your mood. Maybe it’s not so bad after all. The illustrations are charming, cheerful, and colorful. Ideal for ages 3 – 7.

B is for Baby

B is for Baby Storybook

B is for Baby is a storybook all about the letter B! Preschoolers will learn new words that begin with the letter B. Each word is illustrated for a visual reference that is appealing to young children. It’s a story about the atmosphere, environment, and things experienced by an African family. Kids will learn about breakfast, big brothers, bikes, going to see Baba, butterflies, baboons, Bougainvillea, a bungalow, and more. The book is brimming with an African vibe and vibrant colors. Kids will not only learn about B words but experience a different culture. It’s a lovely book and recommended for kids ages 3 – 7.

I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.