Whole Person Integrative Eating – Treat the Root Causes of Overeating, Overweight, and Obesity!

As good and meaningful as our intentions are to stay away from enslaving foods, the holiday season temptations are just too strong for us to resist. Many surrender to their cravings and sugar addictions during this time, but with the full intent to commit to a diet program in the new year. Right? Visualize! Come January 1, you’ve created a lofty resolution list and you’re all pumped and eager to lose weight and pledge you will also work out. Right? Come mid-January, your commitments have fizzled and you’re gorging on unhealthy foods again. Sound familiar?

Or maybe your scanning the infomercials and paid-ads looking for a new weight loss program or gadget because the 20+ ones you already bought (some not even opened and are taking up space in your garage because your closet is already full), didn’t work. Is this you? Ever wonder why despite all your efforts, these programs didn’t work? Well, the Whole Person Integrative Eating book will not only answer this question, but it will get to the root cause of your unhealthy relationship with food and resolve it once and for all. Is this really possible?

Whole Person Integrative Eating

We’ve all reaped insight into want does not work for us when it comes to weight loss. Dieting, diet plans, caloric restrictions, rigid cleanses, and quick-fix solutions that always promised rapid results, leave us disillusioned and wanting. They simply don’t work. Most of us have tried numerous diet plans and roll our eyes at the thought of emotionally and physically investing in another program. So what makes this weight loss book different? The key is, Whole Person Integrative Eating addresses the underlying causes of overeating, being overweight and obesity and encompasses all facets and attributes of being human. You may want to blow this off, but if you don’t do the work to find the source of your overconsumption, you’ll just end up buying another weight loss book and another one or quitting altogether. So, let’s do this!

The Whole Person Integrative Eating program is not a diet, but a lifestyle plan, a way of life that uses ancient food wisdom combined with modern nutritional science. It includes foods that will nourish us physically, emotionally, spiritually, and socially. As you can imagine, it’s a diet rich in fresh whole foods – fruits and vegetables for the most part.

Plus, factored in are the why, how, and with whom you are dining with on a daily basis. Did you know that overeating and weight gain are influenced by the state of our psyche and spiritual and social dimensions? Did you know that there are 7 overeating styles? Plus, they share some invisible ingredients that are missed in other weight loss programs. Ever practice mindfulness and gratitude while cooking or eating?

Another of the secret ingredients is love. When you infuse love into the food while preparing or cooking the ingredients, that positive energy is transfer into your body. You may have already heard about Dr. Emoto infusing love and gratitude into water and its impacts on the body when ingested. The same rule applies to food.

7 OverEating Styles

  • Emotional Eating
  • Food Fretting
  • Fast Foodism
  • Task Snacking
  • Sensory Disregard
  • Unappetizing Atmosphere
  • Solo Dining

To master weight loss, you first need to determine your overeating style. Chapter 3 has a seventy-six item questionnaire that will expose your eating behaviors and reveal how to stop them through the Whole Person Integrative Eating program. Each of the 7 Overeating Styles has its own chapter that is fraught with the how-tos and step-by-step guidance for implementing the principles and tools required to change your relationship with food. You have the option to adopt all or just some of the suggestions.

The last section of the book is filled with vibrant recipes and will introduce you to inverse-eating. The recipes are grouped into diverse international cultural food cuisines and give you a week’s worth of recipes to jump start your program. These include Tex Mex, Taste of Tuscany, Mediterranean Meals, Thai: 5 Flavors of Food, India’s Vegetarian Cuisine, African Roots – American Soul Food and Native America Food Roots.

If you are a vegan like me, you will find that almost all the recipes have animal ingredients. You can modify them to suit your diet, but I found with some recipes, you’re removing half the ingredients. It would have been awesome to have a week of vegan recipes specifically. But, regardless of your taste buds and slimming goals, all the guesswork has been removed and each of the recipes promote wellness and weight loss.

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