Why Do Cats Eat Grass?

If you’re a cat owner, you’ve no doubt noticed that they are instinctively and intuitively drawn to eat grass. You may have also noticed that shortly after ingesting grass, they regurgitate undigested food and hairballs. Cats are habitual groomers and swallow copious loose hair which sits undigested in their stomach until they vomit it up. Grass creates the urge to purge.

Cat eating grass

Some suggest that grass has no nutrition value per se, but still offers fiber, bulk, and roughage which aid in digestion. We get our fiber from plants and whole grains, so it makes sense that grass would act in the same capacity for cats.

Others say that the juice of grass contains folic acid, which helps increase oxygen levels in their cats’ blood and supports their growth. Depending on the grass, it can also have a laxative effect that encourages regular bowel movements.

Cats do not have the digestive enzymes to help digest grass, fur, and bones. So, if your cat is an outdoor cat that enjoys a mouse or two, eating grass will clean out all the undigested parts. Indoor cats, for the most part, may not get access to grass, so they might start eating your household plants. This may or may not be good; there are lots of plants and flowers that are poisonous and toxic to cats. Caution is imperative.

So, what’s the solution? I personally have converted part of my yard to an enclosed courtyard where my four cats can go outside and get their daily dose of sunshine and access to untreated grass. Another alternative is to purchase organic cat grass kits. They’re super easy to get started, and the cats really enjoy eating the grass. It also ensures safety from grasses that have been sprayed with hazardous fertilizers and other life-threatening chemicals.

Cat’s are rascals and will eat just about anything lying on the floor. Having high-quality food available will discourage them from looking elsewhere for nourishment. With four cats, I keep a bowl of┬áhealthy cat food available to them all day.

They all have different appetites and generally eat when they are hungry. I use several brands that have healthy ingredients. I do have one cat that loves her food and does overeat, but my conscience is clear knowing she is getting the cleanest and most nutritionally dense cat food available. My cats have gorgeous fur and healthy bowel movements. I was also surprised that only one of my cats has an issue with hairballs, the other three never seem to have to deal with them. Read your labels and make sure your cats are getting healthy food.

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