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While most of us have visions of sugar plums dancing in our heads and we’re nestled in the warmth of the holiday spirit, there are those who prefer to escape the chill of the winter season. I have a few friends that used to hang around for all the Christmas frivolities but come to the end of the year, they’d high tail it to warmer countries. They enjoyed traveling through South America in January and February where the weather is ideal and everything was a lot cheaper.

Now my friend’s kids are doing the same – they’re heading out to South America the first week in January. The biggest necessity they’ll need is a very reliable backpack – it carries everything they’ll need to survive the months abroad. WillLand Outdoors has a selection of supreme backpacks that will make any trip successful.


Although I have never been on a long hiking trek for months at a time, I have done 2 and 3-day hikes in Europe where my backpack was my BFF for the duration. It went everywhere with me. When I heard that WillLand Outdoors was sending me a 35L backpack, I didn’t think it would be big enough. But, it’s enormous compared to my current feeble backpack; there’s really no comparison. The Everest is a premium hiking pack for the serious outdoors person and is also available in 65L for those who carry more gear and will be traveling longer.

The Everest has so many pockets, pouches, and secret compartments in various sizes that it will completely cover all your needs. It’s made from 100% polyester so it’s lightweight and easy to clean. The Everest dimensions are 7.87 x 11.81 x 23.62 inches, it weighs about 1.52 kgs (3.35 Pounds) and only comes in the color shown. It has the capacity to bear a lot of weight without affecting the integrity of the fabric.

The front of the Everest has 3 zippered compartments and one huge pull string area in the center of the backpack. The main compartment can be accessed two ways, either via the drawstring or the zipper. I personally thought the zipper was easier to use. Inside the main compartment are a zippered mesh pocket and an elasticized pouch. The bottom zippered pocket is a modest size and has loops where you can attach your gear –  Ice axes, trekking poles, etc. I’ve seen a variety of things hikers carry on these loops – lanterns, shoes, pots, and even water bottles.

You also have access to the top or overhead compartments from this side — it has two zippered pockets. The bottom pocket is fairly deep and you can pack a lot of maps and other important papers or gear here. The top pocket is a little bigger and can hold even more essentials.

The inside –  or back of the backpack has a thick lumbar pad that wraps around into straps that secure around our waist. The shoulder straps are contoured and cushioned for comfort and there is also a sternum strap that helps stabilize your backpack. It significantly reduces shifting and keeps the shoulder straps from rolling back. The very back has an innovative perforated air fresh system for outstanding ventilation during rigorous activity. It allows air to flow behind to reduce heat.

On each side of the Everest is a fair-sized zippered pocket that would ideal for water bottles or a camera. The backpack itself has a labyrinth of straps that can be adjusted and connected to suit your needs. At the very bottom of the bag is another hidden zipper. It contains a reflective rain guard that covers the whole backpack. Also, the WillLand Outdoors logo reflects in the dark, a great safety feature while traveling, especially during later hours.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions express are my own, yours may differ.