WindPro Golf Umbrella

Ever since I was a little kid I’ve heard the saying ‘April Showers bring us, May Flowers.’  The truth is I’ve never experienced this. Where I live it rains in May and June. As I write this post it’s a gloomy day and I’m listening to the hum of cool rain saturating my yard and beautiful flowers. We also have strong winds so this unwelcoming combination makes me avoid going out.

My family and I have ruined several umbrellas braving the harsh blend of wind and rain. But, all is not lost. There are companies that make durable storm worthy umbrellas. ShedRain has created one of the toughest umbrellas on the market. Their WindPro Golf Umbrella is unmatchable when it comes to size and strength.

WindPro Golf Umbrella

This giant among umbrellas is a Golf umbrella which means it’s huge. It has a 68″ canopy so it’s big enough to shelter three people. What makes this umbrella so fabulous is its construction. Its shaft and ribs are made of fiberglass and it also has a Teflon repellent finish making this combo a hardy fusion to beat.

It was easy to put this big brolly to the test. I can’t tell you how awesome it is to be completely shielded from the rain, dirt, and wind. My other umbrellas might and might not keep my head and shoulder dry but my lower body still always gets wet. It has an easy one button press that opens up the umbrella quickly and smoothly. You really do feel like you’re under a canopy. This colossal rainshade kept me completely dry. It also confronted the wind with superlative unyielding stability. It’s engineered to thwart inversion. It has wind vents on top so resistance is futile. It has a comfortable polymeric grip so your hands won’t slip at all or tire so quickly. I also noticed that after shaking the rain off the umbrella it really didn’t take too long to dry.

This umbrella is a lot heavier than your standard one so it wouldn’t be practical for little kids. The guys in my family love it and have used it umpteen times already. It’s a very pragmatic and useful umbrella for our area and doesn’t know how we lived so long without one. With Father’s Day so near, what great gift idea this would make!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.