July 2018 Winners
Perfect Gardens Prize Pk: Ivy P
Yoga & Pilates Prize Pk:  Alison M
Cariloha $200 GC:  Jordan Y
Fear Free Foods:  Amina Z

Take Up a New Hobby Prize Pk: Aarone M
Living Libations Prize Pk:  Carol W
Lost Kitties Collection:  Monica F
Angels & Light Workers:  Wanda B
International Nusery Rhymes:  Catherine R

June 2018 Winners
CanvasChamp print:  Janine
175 Best Blender Recipes:  Dale S
Daphne & Velma Bluray:  Victoria K
Hasbro Lock Stars Prize Pk:  Steph
The Loud House DVD:  Casey G,  James C
Lonely Planet Brew Books:  Jim M

Sunny Day DVD: Dan V, Jessica C
Energy Stands Prize Pk: Carol D
Father’s Day Books: Heidi C
Lonely Planet Kids Travel Books:  Linda H

Fairies & Dragons: Carol O
Avatar Last Airbender:  Tara G,  Kambrea P
Brazen Women Prize Pk:  Erin N
Peter Pauper Prize Pk:  Elain D

May 2018 Winners
Meowijuana $50 GC:  PattiAnn G
Gaiam Yoga Accessories: Andrea W
Maya the Bee Bluray/DVD:  Elva R
Sacred Shaman Prize Pk:  Darlene D
Epic Reads for Kids:  Sharon W
Hallmark Marjolein Bastin tote:  Shari D
Paw Patrol Summer Rescue DVD:  Bernie W,  SweetPanda
Beside-U Handbag:  Chris M
Pana Chocolate:  Elva R
LaCoupe Shampoo & Conditioner:  Debbie W
Skechers D’Lites:  Michelle W
Super Turbo Diets:  Nernberg
Breville Smart Tea Infuser:  Judy H
Bubble Guppies Bubble Puppy DVD:  Eldon B,  Ashley P

April 2018 Winners
Gaiam Balance Ball Stool:  Alicia M
Animal Magic Prize Pk:  Andrea H
Kids Easter Books:  Linda H
Spring Baking Cookbook Bundle:  Marlene J
Elegant Note Cards:  Cathy B
How Not to Die Cookbook:  Jennifer B
Portable Baby Bottle Warmer: Wendy H
FurReal Tiger:  Micheline B
Wisdom /Messages from Spirit Guides:  Annette C
Kroma iPhone Prize Pk:  Calvin F
Lonely Planet Kids Activity Prize:  Carol W
Peter Pauper Coloring Books:  Tara B
Bach Flowers & Herbal Teas – Christine S
100 Gluten-Free Recipes:  Joni W
Energy Tools & Techniques:  Wendy J

March 2018 Winners
Shimmer and Shine DVD:  Amy D,  Jennifer P
Aukey Ultrasonic Diffuser:  Krista M,  Heather W
Blaze & the Monster Trucks DVD:  Ashley P,  Lisa B
Unlimited Healing Prize Pk:  Olivia C
Cariloha Micro Gel Pillows:  Maureen K
Game On Prize:  Janet M
Hey Arnold DVD: Shea B, Dianne G
EFT Prize Pk:  Denise H
Total Life Cleanse: Antoinette M
MLP Spring into Friendship DVD: Piroska B, April S
175 Best Small Batch Recipes:  Kelly O
Little Tots Books:  Cherly G
Origami Prize Pk:  Elaine K
Hasbro Game Prize Pk:  Misty KD
Medical Medium Prize Pk:  Kam P
Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban Illustrated:  Sarah A
Paw Patrol- Sea Patrol DVD:  Ashley P,  Leah S

February 2018 Winners
Metaphysical Prize Pk:  Kara H
Big Bundle of Love Books:  Melinda P
Kids Valentine’s Prize Pk:  Becky B
Breville Smart Oven Air – Brad K
Peter Pauper Journal Prize Pk:  Jennifer C
Past Lives & Akashic:  Annette C
Nella the Princess Knight DVD:  Michelle B,  Elaine B
Crystals for Healing:  Lynn M
The Edgy Veg Cookbook:  Laurie N
Lonely Planet Kids Books – Ivy P

Rugrats Seasons 3 & 4 – Sarah A, Jennifer
Love & Laugh Prize Pk: Kristi F

January 2018 Winners
Dropmix Gaming System:  Sylvia D
Skechers:  Jennifer W,  Kristen V
Illustrated Classic Books:  Morgan S
Transformers Trypticon:  Jeanette J
Harry Potter Deathly Hallows:  Elizabeth B
Fuji X-A3 Camera:  Bina E
Star Wars Last Jedi Prize Pk:  Elaine G
Paul Hollywood:  Jim M
Tangled Swinging Locks Castle:  loriag
P.King Duckling DVD:  Melinda P,  Bernice W, Shelley B
Toddler Puzzles:  Pat B
Japanese Knitting Bible:  Kimberley M
Gaiam Yoga Prize Pk: Erin
Diet Solutions:  mousecat
Lonely Planet Travel Book:  LisaM
Natural Antibiotics:  Yvonne W
Pet Rescue Books:  Marlene J
How to Cook Everything Vegetarian:  Caroline M

December 2017 Winners
Naughton Braun Rudas Earrings:  Margot C
Bellini Kitchen Master:  Janet M
Classic Fairy Tales – Set 1:  Lee-Ann S
Spiderman Mega City Playset:  Shirley P
Albert, A Small Tree DVD:  Elizabeth M,  Birde S
Children’s Holiday Books:  Nicole A
Harry Potter 20th Anniversary PP:  Julie B
The Little Gingerbread House:  Rosa C
60 More Quick Baby Blankets:  Angie A
Tickle Me Elmo: NJ Nowoselski
Mickey’s Merry & Scary DVD:  Jennifer B
The Vegan Holiday Cookbook:  Amber L
Hallmark Holiday Prize Pk:  Suzie B
Betty Crocker Prize Pk:  Glogirl
Essential Oil Necklace:  Helena
$250 Winter Wonderland Cash:  Veronicalee05
Beside-U Handbags:  Karin D,  Doreen L
Hogwart Houses Philosopher’s Stone Versions:  Hufflepuff: Eric R,  Ravenclaw: Mike G
The Ultimate Pet Health Guide:  Lori B
Classic Fairy Tales Set 2:  Darlene S
Disney Musical Elsa Doll:  Chandra O
A Wrinkle in Time:  Cairine
WillLand Outdoors $50 GC:  Harvinderks
Angels & Fairies Prize Pk:  SweetPanda
Cariloha Prize Pk:  Laurent L