July 2020
Lego 365 & Ninja Kit:  Emily J
Netflix $100 GC:  Will G

June 2020
Southern & Rebel Vegan Recipes:  Tina M
Cariloha $50 GC:  Ashley P
Haflinger Infant Shoes:  Helena N
Fermenting, Sprouting & PowerBowls:  Lori P
LEGO Stationery Prize Pk:  David S
Fairy Tale Sticker Books:  Cynthia C

May 2020
Blippi Prize Pk:  Kristen V
Smithsonian Ocean Encyclopedia:  Luisa M
Kids Stuck at Home Prize Pk:  Paula G
Disney+ : Sharon Y
Origami Boredom Buster: Anita D
Magickal & Mystical Prize Pk:  Carol D
Bugs, Bogs & Burrowing Animals:  Amberleah H
Little Reads Prize Pk:  Donna T
LEGO Bedtime Builds and Ideas Book Prize Pk: Randy J
Nat. Geographic Kids Where Book:  Hannah C

April 2020
Healthy Diet Solutions Prize Pk:  Barb F
Cured and Instant Healing Prize Pk:  Wanda B
Family Jigsaw Puzzles: Ken W
Natural Remedies for Women:  Heather S
Smithsonian Animal Encyclopedia:  Julie F
Swift Bluray/DVD:  Wendy J,  Micheline B,  Ivy P

March 2020
Science & Exploration Prize Pk:  Peggy D
Yarn Craft Books:  Sharon W
Engaging Toddler Valentine Storybooks:  Amy M
Cariloha $50 GC – L. Peters
Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Life:  Lisa M
Origami Animals & Paper:  Kathy D
Kids Candlewick Books:  Lily K
Self Care Books:  Jennifer C
Effortless Vegan Prize Pk:  Amy C

February 2020
Crochet Craft Books:  Darlene D
Disney $100 GC:  Katrina D
Cariloha $3oo GC:  Monica F
Uplifting Kids Books:  Victoria K
So Vegan in 5 Ingredients:  Tony P
Neo Tarot & Yogic Oracle Prize Pk:  Amanda M
Japanese Origami Prize Pk:  Alice M
Become Your Own Hero Course: Juliee F
Kid’s Valentine’s Books:  Sarah W
Zen & Wellness Prize Pk:  Jane P
Natural Beauty:  Megan V

January 2020
DC Comics, Year by Year:  Carol  W
Toddler Xmas Books: Linda H
furReal Big Wag & Lil’ Wag:  Angela M
Hoover OnePWR Hand Vac:  Michelle W
Play-Doh Tootie and Color Burst:  Jennifer P
furReal Cubby the Curious Bear:  Michelle P
Nerf One Blaster:  Ken W
Hasbro Boy Toys:  Janet M
Disney Fashion Dolls:  Lori P
furReal Lion King Simba:  Elaine G
Love to Hug Elmo:  Shirley O
Instant Lose, Eat Real, Lose Weight: Evelyn
Knitting Resource Books:  Aimee P
Zoology:  Sheri D

December 2019
Zen & Tranquility Prize Pk:  Terri S
Best Canvas Premium Plush Blanket:  Shirley E
Holiday Storybooks: Theresa C
Insanely Sweet Cookbooks:  Carol D
Warm Buddy Polar Bear:  Sarah A
Knitting Craft Books:  Monique S
Magic of Christmas Kids Books:  Lynda C
Cariloha $100 Gift Card:  Megan W
Mindful & Spiritual Prize Pk:  Kevin L
Movie and Crime Buff Prize Pk:  Amanda M
Jakk Pacific Toy Prize Pk:  Ivy P
Origami Flowers & Beaded Jewelry:  Judy G
Cinderella & The Secret Prince DVD:  Pam H,  Sandra D
Hasbro Games:  Lori B
Cat Lovers Prize Pk:  Sarah P
Littles by Baby Alive Stroller:  Evelyn B
Beside-U Handbags:  MD Kennedy, Silvia D,  Allie F

November 2019
Vibrant & Healthy Cookbooks:  Aarone M
Preschooler Books: Paula G
Connoisseur Kids Cookbooks:  Ed H
Cross Section Books:  Christine E
Disney & Pixar Books:  Viv S
Sesame Street 50 yr DVD:  Shirley P,  Kristen V,  Darlene C
PlayDoh Stamp n Top Pizza Oven:  Amanda M
Knitting & Crocheting Books:  Sarah P
Candlewick Books:  Gina F
Kids Books:  Deborah P
Princess Emmy DVD:  Shirley O,  Ed H,  Shelley B
Best Travel Books for 2020:  Linda H
Cariloha $50 Gift Card:  Dea

October 2019
Computer Sciene & Coding Books:  Liz M
Blaze and the Monster Machines: Ninja Blaze DVD:  Emi P,  Donna T
Kids Bedtime Stories: Angie A
Shimmer & Shine DVD:  Michelle T,  Tanis S
Holiday Baking Prize Pk:  Amy M
Jojo Siwa DVD:  Allie F,  Stephanie L
SpongeBob 200 Best Episodes:  Leah S,  Edye G
Sunny Day DVD:  Shirley O,  Charity B
Hoover OnePWR Floormate Jet:  Kristen V
Japanese Knitting Books:  Renee R
Paw Patrol DVD:  Sharon W,  Leann H
Spooky Halloween Books:  Ryan R
Fragrant & Holden Qigong:  Thomas G
Kids Encyclopedias:  Maritess
Healing with Essential & CBD Oil:  Penny H
Family Fright Night Prize Pk:  Florence C

September 2019
Peter Pauper School Supplies: Clare O
Sesame Street Dance Party DVD:  Dianne G,  Jan Lee
Beside-U Handbags:  Elizabeth M,  Kim T,  Tammy L
Knitting Books:  Rita J
Cariloha $100 GC:  Shakeia R
DK Educational Books:  Linda H
Best Canvas $50 GC:  Shirley P
Kids Autumn Reads:  Mandy T
The Jungle Bunch DVD:  Wendy H,  Micheline B
Energy Healing Prize Pk: Sandra D
Origami Fairy Tales & Flowers:  Megan P

August 2019
Kids Animal Books Prize Pk:  Wendy J
Butterbean Cafe DVD:  Shelley B,  Samantha M
Mindful Vegan & SuperRoots:  KD
Kids Rainy Day Reads:  Paula G
Kids Space Books: Roseanne R
Cariloha $50 GC:  Steve W
Tweens & Teens Books:  Caroline L
Del Sol $100 GC:  Kristen L
Lost Kitties Mice Mania:  Julie F

July 2019
Japanese Knitting & Chinese Knotting – Shirley A
Scentuals soap & lotion:  Lori O
Coloring Book Bundle:  Sharon W
Kids Fun Facts & Cool Finds Books:  Deb D
River Cottage Much More Veg:  Barbara H
Kids Travel Books:  Ivy P
Del Sol $100 GC:  Elizabeth M
Cariloha $50 GC:  Jennifer K
Paw Patrol Jungle Rescue DVD:  Lynda C,  Elaine B
Nerf Fortnite Blaster Prize Pk:  Melinda P
Toy Story 4, Incredibles 2 & Marvel Books:  Marlene V
Canadian Gardener’s Guide:  Heidi C

June 2019 Winners
The Ultimate Age-Defying Plan:  Luisa M
Japanese Stories & Poems:  Allie F
Sesame Street Alphabet DVD:  Crissy F,  Kathy P
Classic Fairy Tales:  Ed H
MLP Cutie Mark Toys:  Kristy R
Cariloha $300 Gift Card:  Paige C
National Geographic Prize Pk:  Shakeia R
Origami Kits & Paper:  Alison M
Qigong for Cancer DVD:  Leela

May 2019 Winners
Daisy Lee QiGong DVDs:  Ronnell S
DK Findout Encyclopedias:  Nicole W
Kids Home Library Storybooks:  Tina M
Avene DermAbsolu Skincare:  Nena S
150 Best Dip & Salsa Recipes:  Cassandra D
POG Sterling Silver Heart Locket:  Sandra D
Hallmark Patina Vie Umbrella:  Amna P
Crystal Resource Books:  Jennifer K
Star Wars Galaxy Toys:  Micheline B
Memory Journals & Sweet Pea Notecards:  Valerie H
Star Wars Notebooks and Postcards:  Theresa C
Kids Picture Books:  Carol B
Healing Foods:  Tina M
Hasbro Games:  J. D. Lewis
Zendoodle Coloring Books:  Judy A

April 2019 Winners
Spring Break Prize Pk:  Tania S
Aromatherapy Books:  Mandy D
Shimmer & Shine DVD:  Victoria B,   Roseanne M
Top Wing Eggcellent DVD:  Stephanie L,  Marilyn N

Whimsical Storybooks:  Leah B
Vegan Recipes Galore:  Caroline M
Cariloha $200 Gift Code:  Chris M
Rise Up TMNT DVD:  Aarone M,  Shirley A
Nick Jr. Baby Animals DVD:  Bernie W,   Ken O
Best of Bridge Weekday Suppers Cookbook:  Debbie F
Feed Me Cookie Monster:  Janette C
Spring & Easter Storybooks:  Sandra D
Crochet Books Prize Pk:  Nancy S
Del Sol $100 GC:  Ronnell S
Hasbro Kids Games:  Linda H
Paw Patrol: Ultimate Rescue DVD:  Linda H,  Heather J
Peter Pauper Puzzles:  Shari D

March 2019 Winners
Liv B’s Vegan on a Budget:  June M
Del Sol $100 GC:  Paula P
Hallmark Husky Dog:  Joanne E
PetSafe Cheese Cat Toy:  Sabina E
Klorane Mango Hair Care:  Charity B
Paw Patrol DVD Collection:  Emily R,  Heather K
Girly Girl Storybooks:  Dianne G
Herbs & Spice Prize Pk:  Sarah P
Sesame Street Celebrate Family DVD:  Allie F,  Tania S
I Love Knitting Prize Pk:  Kristy R
Peter Rabbit Springtime Collection:  Allie F,  Robin T
Cariloha $50 GC:  Betty C
Damn Delicious Cookbook:  Michelle R
StickerYou $40 GC:  Megan W
Children’s Dreamy Storybooks:  Patricia W
Pop-Up Storybooks:  Shawna C
Transformer Botbots:  Janette C
CariPRO Electric Toothbrush:  Megan

February 2019 Winners
Crystal Healing Prize Pk:  Lori O
Kids Magical Storybooks:  Carol D
California Design Den Sheets:  Melissa S
Paw Patrol Puplantis:  Gemma M,  Kristen S
Origami Prize Pk:  Florence C
Monopoly Fortnite: Steve B
Cariloha $50 GC:  Amy C
Kids Love & Warmth Books:  Juliee F
Essential Oils Remedies:  Stephanie G
Daughter of Sherlock Holmes:  Lee-Ann S
Zoops Wacky Animals Prize Pk – Lindsay G
cariPRO Electric Toothbrush:  Sandra D
I Love Animals Prize Pk:  George M
Blaze Robot Riders DVD:  Shelly J,  Silvia D
Peter Pauper Oversized Journals:  Tara G

January 2019 Winners
Mary Poppins Prize Pk:  Katy E
Star Wars Co-Pilot Chewie:  Patricia F
Joy, Gratitude & Wellness Bundle:  Julie B
The Cheesecake Bible:  Dolores M
Whimiscal Coloring Books:  Victoria K
Rocko’s Modern Life:  Donna T
Ayurvedic and Complete Wellness Prize Pk:  Micheline B
Cariloha $300 Gift Card: Jesa W
Cariloha $50 Gift Card:  Miranda L
300 Best Blender Recipes:  Mindi E
Little Big Bites:  Judy H

December 2018 Winners
750 Best Appetizers:  Kimberley M
TOMY KiiPix Printer:  Jonnie H
Holiday Recipe Books:  Jennifer P
The Magical Wand DVD: Bernice W,  Jackie V
Best Cookies and Candies:  Abigail G
Children’s Christmas Storybooks:  Cheryl G
Unicorn Storybooks:  Kam P
Origami for Kids:  Jennifer W
Embroidery Prize Pk:  Shelley B
Cariloha $50 GC – Joni W
Hey Arnold Collection:  Dosja L, Renee R
Baby Alive Potty Dance Doll:  Evelyn B
Knit & Crochet 2019 Calendars:  Cindy L
Peter Pauper Holiday Bundle:  Linda H
My Little Pony Prize Pk:  Amber Y
Holiday Reading Storybooks:  Charlene L
Littlest Pet Shop Prize Pk:  Sarah A
Transformer Bumblebee:  Elaine G
Hoover Impulse Vacuum:  Karla S
FurReal Munchin’ Rex:  Christine S
Icy Lights Elsa Doll:  Kristy R
Sherlock and Shakespeare:  Mike G
Zendoodle Coloring Books:  Donna T
HayHouse 2019 Calendars:  Trish F
Nick Jr. Holiday Bundle:  Melissa C,  Shakeia R
Hallmark Plush Santa:  Angie A
Warm Buddy Polar Bear: Sherry K
Ironman Headquarters:  Deb D
Cariloha $500 GC:  Lynda C
PetSafe Scoop-Free Litter:  Debbie B
Kids Fables and Tales:  Leela
Cariloha $50 Gift Code:  Sarah H
Knitting and Quilling:  L Peters
Kids Cookbooks:  Marlene V

November 2018 Winners
LegArt Apparel:  Julie F,  Gabrielle L
Chris Beat Cancer:  Rosanne R
Hallmark Ceramic Measuring Spoons: Katrina T
Knitting Bible & iClips:  Susan A
Nutritional Healing w/ Chinese Medicine:  Rachel M
Breville Fast & Furious:  Wendy H
Play-Doh Poop Troop:  Lori B
Children’s Cat Books:  Viv S
The Star Trek Book:  Heather S
Fairies & Dragons Prize Pk:  Jim M
Medical Medium Liver Rescue:  Susie B

October 2018 Winners:
Nickelodeon Halloween Movie Prize Pk:  Ashley P, Amy G
Reading is Fun Prize Pk:  Viv S
Disney Royal Shimmer Prize Pk:  Myra V
Gaiam Yoga Prize Pk:  Allie F
Paw Patrol Mighty Pups DVD:  Heather S,  Steph R
Eating For Beauty:  Tiff C
150 Best Toaster Recipes:  Carol O
Vogue Knitting & Rowan Designs:  Christina G
Sesame Street Elmo’s World:  Robin T,  Angela M
Good Reads for Toddlers:  Charity B
Ultimate Halloween Prize Pk:  Darci P
Life Changing Travel Prize Pk:  Katharine W
Asian Inspired Coloring Books:  Maureen K
Nick Jr. Snow Awesome DVD:  Wendy H
Avene A-Oxitive Prize Pk:  Fran R
Vegan On The Go:  Allie F
Gaiam Cork Prize Pk:  Kimberley M