November 2023

Creative Mending Prize Pk: Jennifer C
50 Plants That Heal: Anne P
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Tarot Deck: Sherry S
Cariloha $100 GC: Toni V

October 2023

Kitchen Magick Recipe Deck: Emily D
Zoomigurumi Crocheted Animals: Heidi B
How to Draw Manga Furries: Sara M
Sweet & Creepy Coloring Book: Shari D

September 2023

Lazy Hazy Kid’s Summer Reads: Jennifer C
The Tales Behind Tarot: Heather S
Mavka: The Forest Song DVD: Elaine G, Lacey W
Japanese Wonder Knitting: Anna D
Del Sol $50 GC: Kelly A
Complete Guide to Drawing Action Manga: Janet M

August 2023

280 Japanese Lace Stitches: Marilyn C
Cariloha $100 GC: Lauryn R
Oracle of the Crystal Skulls: Steph E

July 2023

Goblincore Coloring Book: Shirley O
NG Dynomania Books: Thomas G
The Tarot Spread: Cindy I
The Shaman’s Way Oracle Deck: Darlene D
NG Kid’s Sleepover Survival Kit: Mikhail R
Crochet Journey: Darlene C
Cherry Blossom Note Cards: Brigitte B

June 2023

Del Sol $100 Gift Code: Ruby R
My Cute Kawaii Drawings: Mary D
Little Tykes Summer Reads: Ashley J
The Magic of Seeds: Leigh N

May 2023

National Geographic Not-So-Common Cent$ – Penny B
Earth Day Educational Books: Dale S
National Geographic Spring Books: Jessica W
Home Grown Harvest: Lynn M

April 2023

Tarot Leaves Deck: Steph E
Witch’s Yearbook & Deck: Marnie W
Fun & Easy Origami Prize Pk: Ashley C

March 2023

Elmo & Tango DVD: Wendy H, Shari D
The Guardian Tarot: Tia W
Nat Geo Weird But True Birthday Bundle: Cynthia C
Crochet Collage Garden: Joni W
Crochet Zodiac Dolls: Leo P

February 2023

Clarity Tarot Deck: Monique S
Smurfs Graphic Novel: Ali K
3D Granny Squares: Mary D
Cariloha $100 GC: Shannon H
Knitting Tips, Tricks & Mittens Prize Pk: Lori P
Eternal Seeker Oracle Deck: Erin B
The Fruit Garden Blanket Book: Jara C

January 2023

Cariloha $200 Gift Code: Brigette O
National Geographic Holiday Bundle: Lori P
Crochet Animal Blanket & Blocks: Brian D
Moose Fairy: Bethany G
Abe the Abominable Snowman Plushy & Book: James C
Origanimo Bird Fold & Play: Rachael S

December 2022

National Geographic STEM Books: Ed H
Chadwick Treasury Storybook: Dale S
Cariloha $100 GC: Sarah L
Christmas Tarot Deck: Steph E
Twas the Night Before Christmas: Lynda C
GrumbleTroll Merry Christmas: Gaye M
Holly Jolly Christmas Coloring Book: Evelyn B
Countdown to Christmas Books: Ingrid A
Christmas Square Jigsaw: Jennifer C
Our Family Christmas Memories Keepsake: Linda H
Christmas Coloring Book: David S

November 2022

Head to Toe Crochet: Joni W
The King of Poop Storybook: Elaine L
Colorful Crochet Knitwear: Polly K
3 Wishes for Cinderella DVD – Penny L, Peggy G, Gina F
Columbia Classic Movie Collection: Jennifer H
Crochet in a Day Reindeer Ornament: Brigette O
Crochet in a Day Baubles Ornament: Penny G

October 2022

Crimson Twill Storybook: Brigette O
Where the Crawdads Sing Prize Pk: Dana B
NG Back to School Books: Walter S
Jim Button and the Wild 13 DVD: Ivy P, Tammy C, Amy C
Curious Crochet Creatures: Rita L
Ravyness Drakon Tarot Deck: Gabrielle L
Let’s Tell a Story! Fairy Tale Adventure: Paula G
Otherworld Tarot Deck: Stacey M
Enchanting Books for Young Readers: Carol D
Outlanders Season 6 Collectors Edition: Jacob M
Cariloha $100 Gift Code: Jessica W
Bullet Train Bluray/DVD: Bill N, Ron O
Countdown to Halloween: Janet L
Origami Monster & More: Susan E

September 2022

Cariloha $100 Gift Code: Clemencio M
Vegan Recipe Books: Tricia B
Money Magic: Patricia S
Nat Geo Fintastic Shark Books: Alyssa N
The Buddha Tarot Deck: Stephanie L
Magical Trees: Robyn M
Toddler Alphabet Books: Shirley O
Gullivers Return DVD: Elaine G, Catherine L
Fair Magic Handbook: Stephanie P
Kids Truck Books: Donna T
Fern Gully DVD: Thomas S, Dianne G, Dawn B

August 2022

Full Bloom Plantbased Recipes: Thomas S
Del Sol $100 Gift Code: Tammy C
NG Outdoor Books & Safari Kit: Sherry S
Frog vs Toad Storybook: Melissa B
Kids Summer Reads: Gayle M
The Crystal Apothecary: Darlene D
The Numinous Tarot: Catherine L
Money Magic: Patricia S

July 2022

National Geographic Dinosaurs & Fossil Kit: June J
Hummingbird Wisdom Oracle Deck: Janel L
Origami for Beginners Prize Pk: Janel L
Let’s Go Nuts: Laurent L
Grumbletrolls Storybooks: Sherry S
Enchanted Soul Tarot Deck: Gabrielle L
Kawaii Crochet Garden: Mikhail R

June 2022

100 Crochet Tiles: Kim K
The Shift – Weightloss: Ed H
Cariloha $100 GC: Darlene C
The Self-Care Year: Lana H
Mood Magick: Rhonda S

May 2022

Silly Kids Books on Parents: Donna T
Crochet Donut Buddies: Ashley C
Anne Stokes Gothic Tarot: Darlene D
Color Maps: Lynda C
Toddler Imaginative Books: Amberlee K
Love the Foods that Love you Back: Ron P
Tuffy Books for Babies & Toddlers: Wendy H
Ayurveda Rituals: Nadia R
NG For The Birds Bundle: Maria G

April 2022

Origami Bugs & Chiyogami Paper: Carol W
Zen Vegan Recipes: Tricia B
Beowulf Oracle Deck: Mikhail R
Complete Guide to Crochet Dolls & Animals: Joni W
The Language The Body Speaks: Jessica B

March 2022

Warm Buddy Cuddle Bunny: Elaine G
NG Spring Bundle: Pearl S
Knit Hats with Woolly Wormhead: John G

February 2022

National Geographic Kid’s Winter Reads: Michael C
Self-Care Tools Prize Pk- Lara M
New Crochet Stitch Dictionary: Florence C
Cariloha $300 GC: Toni V
Kid’s Cheerful Reads: Shirley O
Renaissance Tarot: Monique S
Sesame Street Elmo’s World DVD: Shari D, Janet M
Wardrobe Embroidery: Patricia S

January 2022

Warm Buddy Pet Heating Pad: Jennnifer P
12 Day of Christmas Advent Calendar: Ann D
Gooseberry Christmas Cookbooks: James C
Crafting is My Jam Prize Pk: Joni W
UFO & Astrotherapy: Ken O
Aromatherapy Necklace: Jean H
Del Sol $100 GC: Joanne E

December 2021

Self Improvement Books: Maureen B
Best Canvas Poster Print: Aimee P, Viv S
Sesame Street Wonderful World DVD: Candie L, Christina G
Christmas Handicrafts for Kids & ColorMaps Christmas: Wendy J
Knitting Books Prize Pk: Lynn M
Origami for the Birds Prize Pk: Melissa M
Warm Buddy Cuddle Boots: June J
Da Vinci Enigma Tarot Deck: Donna L
Captivating Christmas Storybooks: Liz B
Pure Sea Glass 2022 Calendar: Lauryn R
Cariloha $100 Gift Code: Kristy E
Opulence Nebulizing Diffuser: Denise R

November 2021

Hoods, Cowls and Headbands: Heather S
National Geographic Fall Favorites: John G
Tarot of the Kingdom: Sandra D
Snowy Day Reads: Melinda P
The Beginner’s Guide to Dehydrating Food: Candace B
Four Seasons Coloring Books: Nicole B

October 2021

Plant-Friendly Recipe Books: Micheline B
October Howloween Books: Mike G
True Ghosts, Legends and Lore: Jennifer C
Spooky Reads & Things: Lynda C
Food For Health Prizes Pk: Barb F

September 2021

Back to School Prize Pk: Aliya D
Love to Knit Prize Pk: Chris B
Lit for Little Hands Books: Donna L
Origami Train, Planes & Automobiles: Ed H
Sustainable Knitting: Brigitte B
Essential Oils Healing Deck: Thomas G
Dreambuilders Bluray/DVD: Heather J, Tahsin T, Julie F

August 2021

Unicorn Activity Books: Gaye M
Intuitive Wisdom Tarot: Monique S
Family Chillaxing Prize Pk: Lillian B
Cariloha $100 GC: Haley B
NG Shark Books: Colleen D
Marie Diamond Magical 2021: Darlene D

July 2021

Self-Care Wellness Prize Pk: Calla C
Insight Tarot Deck: Ron P
Cariloha $100 G.C:  Dana B
Sesame Street Cool Counting DVD: Piroska B, Victoria P
Take Charge Of Your Life Books: Kam P
Crocheting is Addictive Prize Pk: Renee P

June 2021

National Geographic DinoMania Books: Lynette W
Vogue Knitting Stitch Dictionary: Lauryn R
Kid’s Delightful Spring Reads: Mandy T
Crochet Animal Slippers: Bobbijo P
Fun Father’s Day Prize Pk: Laura F
Kid’s Father’s Day Books: Carol W

May 2021

Crochet Motifs & Pokemon: Heidi B
Grail Tarot Deck: Gabrielle L
Julia Child Notecards: Sharon W
Mother’s Day Journals: Viv S
Cariloha $100 GC: Lisa D
One-Skein Wonder Knitting: Melissa S