Wishbones Footwear

We’re so lucky to live in an abundant country where we have instant access to anything we want. With one click we can purchase clothes, supplements, food and shoes online. Some people have a closet full of shoes, a pair for almost every outfit. Can we imagine what it would be like to walk around North America without any shoes all year round? It would not be pleasant during the colder seasons, and it would certainly affect our health.

Recently, I became aware of a company called Wishbones Shoes. Their mission is to provide footwear for African children where over 3 million of them do not own a pair of shoes. These children are susceptible to some serious foot infections and need footwear that can be worn comfortably in their hot and humid climate where bacteria and fungal issues are prominent.

These children need shoes that are going to protect and promote the wellness of their feet. Introducing Wishbones Footwear, a Flip Flops that’s anti-odor and anti-fungal and infused with an anti-microbial technology, which eliminates 99% of bacteria which is found on standard flip-flops. They’re also comfortable, durable, and socially responsible.

My daughter got to try out a pair, and she totally loved the colors and comfort. They’re soft, spongy, and feel so enjoyable to wear. The insole has a really nice quilted feel and looks like it would prevent slipping. The heel has a subtle wedge for added shock absorption, and the outsole has an edgy, rough pattern for extra grip. The lovely gold strap has some give so it offers a pleasant and relaxing fit.

She’s also very impressed with the social consciousness attached to this line of footwear. When you decide to purchase a pair of Wishbones, you’re actually helping millions of children. With each purchase, they donate one pair of Wishbones to someone in need on your behalf through their giving partners’. Each pair of shoes comes with a unique tracking number that you can register. Once the donation pair has been given, they will email you a photo of the person who received them. We’re all overjoyed with this process. What a wonderful cause, to get back to those who need!! Well done Wishbones!

With summer blooming soon, now is the time to get our footwear ready. Wishbones come in a bunch of snazzy solid and multi-chrome colors. They offer Unisex colors, Ladies Slim, Blend Slim Metalic, and my very favorite, the Mist Slim. This summer let your feet be happy with Wishbones and help a little child out!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.