WishCraft and Intuitive Tarot

If something in our life isn’t going and flowing in the right direction, we will feel uncomfortable, unhappy, and unfulfilled. This awareness will prompt most of us to consciously alter the trajectory of our arrow. While we might not know exactly what we want or need, we are open to any and all positive potentials and possibilities. Gleaning some insight and perspective in our life can come from a variety of sources and resources. It just depends on what our energy resonates with and what instinctually feels right in our gut. If you have a trustworthy source of guidance, then you are on your way. But, if you are unsure and open to new ideas, then perhaps the following resources will inspire the change you crave in your life.


We’ve all heard and said, When you wish upon a star, Best wishes, Make a wish, Wishful thinking, Be careful what you wish for, etc. Wish is a word of hope and potentiality! While many make wishes, most don’t believe they work. WishCraft is here to change that. In this enlightened book, you will learn a method that teaches you to harness your subconscious and make your wishes come true. Perceive —Believe—Receive!

  • What is WishCraft?
  • The Foundation of WishCraft
  • Ways to Wish
  • The Wishes

The method taught in this book is self-hypnosis. You will learn how to use this ability as a tool to empower your wishes with intention. But, other factors that influence our life also need to be addressed. Through a series of thought-provoking exercises, you’ll be doing a lot of introspection and self-discovery. You’ll learn to change your mindset from a victim to a person of empowerment. You’ll tap into your inner strengths and skills and transform your fears, phobias, and negative vibes into empowering experiences.

Plus, you’ll learn petitions, rituals, and habits for making wishes every day. Be patient. Wishcraft is a process that needs to be cultivated like seeds growing into a garden of vibrant flowers… but no weeds. Your wishes can expand past your personal life where you wish good things for your friends, family, neighbors, city, country, and the world. The guidance WishCraft offers will take you beyond your wildest dreams, you just have to Perceived, Believe and Receive!

True Heart Tarot

While I think most of us know that Tarot cards cannot predict the future. They can help us glean insight into our past, present and future and suggest possible outcomes. Tarot cards have gotten a bad stigma from various sources over the years. They are simply illustrative cards that come in a deck form along with a guidebook. They are not laced with spirits and they don’t pose any danger to anyone. But with any spiritual tool, you will need to cleanse them from previous handlers.

Tarot decks come with the standard 78 cards and can be created in a variety of unlimited themes. The True Heart Intuitive Tarot Deck and Guidebook allow us to reflect on any area of our life with intuitive insight and clarity. The illustrations are gloriously colorful and have been called a shrink in a box. They will guide you to make more informed and wiser choices for your future.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.