Wolfgang’s Oleo Mentha

If you suffer from arthritis, muscle pain, or headaches, finding a natural remedy may be a challenge. There are copious products on the market, both natural, and pharmaceutical, that are filled with puff and promises. I get a little frustrated when I read the assurances and guarantees that this product will definitely work, but fails to deliver. So, I’ve become skeptical.

My mom has arthritis in her hands and as an avid knitter, this really slows her down. She has tried umpteen products that have offered some relief, but nothing long term. She’s also sensitive to chemicals so she won’t use any store shelf products for this reason. Her preference is natural or organic, and I completely agree. I recently got a unique product called Wolfgang’s Oleo Mentha that’s an herbal analgesic that will relieve pain in minutes. I immediately gave it to my mom to try out.

Wolfgang's Oleo Mentha

“Wolfgang’s Oleo Mentha” TM is an etheric oil which is re-distilled to Wolfgang’s specifications to give it extra strength and purity. It is applied externally. You massage two or three drops of the essential oil on the skin in the area of pain.

The beauty of this awesome little product is that it’s made from 100% plant essence, there’s no alcohol or any additives. It’s a redistilled Peppermint Oil that’s grown in the Mountains, and extremely powerful and guaranteed to work. It’s not recommended for children.

My mom has been using Wolfgang’s Oleo Mentha for a few weeks now and is absolutely thrilled at the relief it gives her hands. Many nights her hands will throb and keep her awake, so every evening before she goes to bed, she applies about three drops to each of her hands. She rubs the oil gently into her skin and in literally minutes the pain is quickly subsiding. She also uses it throughout the day if needed and she’s just so happy that she can continue to knit and crochet. She also loves the scent, the cool, refreshing mint fragrance is soothing and calming to the spirit.

I personally used this product on the soles of my feet. The essential oil is infused into the body through the bloodstream, so its effects will be felt throughout your whole body. My feet felt warm and tingly all over; it was really relaxing to feel this product working. I really enjoyed using it, and of course, I too adore the lovely mint scent.

The Oleo Menthe has many other attributes:
**Headaches and migraines, massage 2 or 3 drops into the back of the neck or temple area. Please be careful not to get this product into your eyes.
**It can also be used in a full bath, just add 3 – 5 drops and you’ll feel totally de-stressed.
**It’s perfect for muscle pain, just massage in a few drops on the affected area and relief is on its way.
**For colds, sniffles, or sneezes, put one drop on a tissue or handkerchief and sniff it. You’ll feel the air passages clearing up quickly.

Wolfgang’s Oleo Menthe is one of those products that are a must-have for every home’s medicine cabinet. It’s safe, effective, and actually works!! I would definitely recommend it.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.