X-Mini II Speaker

MobileFun has a host of speakers and accessories that would fit and compliment any gadget you have in your home. In the world of portable speakers, there is none cuter or more versatile than the XMI X-Mini II speaker. You may be thinking, how often would I need a small portable speaker? Well, it might be more often than you envisioned.

When the X-Mini II arrived in my home the kids were enthralled with its gorgeous purple color, its design and a number of features on it. It did not take them very long to decide what they could hook it up to or where they could take it.

The X-Mini II (2nd generation) is an extremely small capsule speaker that’s quite solid and sturdy and weighs in at 83 grams. They have a plethora of ingenious attributes. It has a Bass Xpansion System which means you literally untwist the compressed speaker to reveal it’s according to style body which is the bass system. This pint-size darling has magnetically shielded 40mm drivers that promise to deliver an excellent sound quality. It does indeed offer hearty sounding acoustics that is nice and clear considering its size. It has a power switch and a volume dial on the side as well. The bottom of the speaker has three little feet that keep it totally balanced.

The X-Mini II can be plugged into anything with an earphone jack. It worked on an iPod, MP3, laptop, CD player and the kids even plugged it into some of their games. The sound filled and resonated in the rooms perfectly so everyone could hear the music comfortably with its 2.5 Watts. The speaker has a rechargeable lithium battery that will last up to 12 hours. We got anywhere from 8 – 12 hrs depending on the volume we used. To recharge the speaker you plug it into the USB port on your computer. The underside of the speaker has a light that will glow red when charging and turn to blue when it’s completely charged.

Another fabulous new feature is the Buddy Jack system which enables you to connect unlimited X Mini II speakers to another. This daisy chain will allow you to pump up the volume as much as you want. Party Time!

It’s also quite durable. It was bounced and banged around, fell on the floor too many times to confess too, was manhandled by umpteen little hands and still keeps on rockin’. It’s a tough little thing.

It’s so portable and petite you can take it anywhere and comes with a soft carrying pouch. You can toss it in your backpack, purse, pocket, camping gear, or even a  picnic basket. It comes in several different vibrant and cheerful colors. All in all, we really like this speaker and believe it delivers a lot of value for its price and size. It’s tiny but incredibly mighty!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.