xZubi EMF Protection

It is the goal of every person to live a vibrant, energetic, joyful and healthy life. We try to eat right, exercise, give to our community and take care of our loved ones. You may be unaware of the harmful exposure to EMF’s (Electromagnetic Radiation) that you and your family are bombarded with every second of the day. Studies have proven that EMFs have a negative effect on our cells and can damage our DNA. We know the world is not going to stop using and creating new technology so it’s up to us to protect ourselves from these EMF’s.

People are now only beginning to learn about the potential risk of electromagnetic fields (EMF) generated by mobile phones, computers and other frequently used portable electronic devices. EMFs are radiation—and like all radiation—any exposure has the potential to cause harm. According to the World Health Organization, this issuehas relevance for public health, particularly for users of mobile phones, as the number of users is large and growing, particularly among young adults and children.” 

No one is immune, but children are at a far greater risk—not only are their brains still developing—children born in the last decade or so are going to spend more of their lives on mobile devices than any previous generation.

To that end, xZubi has created a way to guard against the potentially harmful effects of EMF radiation—just like sunscreen made being in the sun a lot safer. All you need to do is attached the xZubi disc to the back of your cell phone and other electronic devices.

EMF protection is crucial and thankfully there are companies like xZubi that create EMF blockers. These little buttons are about the size of a quarter and have a sticky adhesive back so they attach very easily to your cell phone, computer, tv or any electrical device you have EMF exposure from. They come in a pack of five so your whole family can benefit. The xZubi’s will last indefinitely as long as they are taken care of, as they do not absorb any radiation. However, if you upgrade your electronics, it is suggested you apply a new xZubi disc rather than try and re-use the disc as it can get damaged in the process of removing it. We attached them to the outside of our cell phones and our laptops and are very grateful for their protection.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.