You Can Heal Your Life Summit

This year’s Summit is packed with more tools, meditations and step-by-step exercises than ever to help you create your best life during these uncertain times.

From April 30 to May 16, we’ll release a “series” (aka a group of lessons) every 48 hours. There are eight series and 90 lessons in total—over 100 hours!

Join now and get immediate access to five powerful free preview lessons from Gabrielle Bernstein, Anthony William, Mike Dooley, and Christiane Northrup, M.D. & Meggan Watterson to jumpstart your learning adventure. PLUS, watch Louise Hay’s movie: You Can Heal Your Life.

Each series will focus on a different topic like—energy healing, intuition, health, life purpose, abundance, and more!

Use the “Ask the Universe” button to guide you to the lessons you most need to hear!

Every 48 hours new, in-depth lessons will release focused on different topics.

Don’t miss out on this 17-day journey to self-discovery, health, and success!

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