YouCopia Classic SpiceStack

I love to spend time in the kitchen making and creating awesome meals, appetizers and of course desserts. The kids in my family love this time as well to express their creativity and imagination. I admit I get a lot of inspiration from them to try different things in different combinations odd as some of them may be. I’m open-minded!

I find I waste a lot of time trying to find ingredients for a recipe. I have a spice cupboard that is completely disorganized so I’m always hunting for a particular spice. Talk about a recipe for disaster, with seriously unruly ingredients!! Having a chaotic cupboard is frustrating, to say the least. I look for cloves and find I’ve purchased three bottles of cinnamon instead. Or, I realize the spice has been outdated for a year or more because it was shoved to the back and forgotten. I hate wasting money.

YouCopia Classic SpiceStack

I was so thrilled to receive the Classic SpiceStack from YouCopia. YouCopia is an online company that has created simple yet intelligent products to keep our lives and kitchens organized.

The Classic SpiceStack is an easy to clean sturdy plastic cabinet with three drawers. It comes completely assembled so you don’t have to worry about directions or little pieces gone missing. The drawers will hold and keep organized 24 full bottles for 48 half-size spice bottles. It measures 10.4 W x 8.8 H x 10.9 L inches so you can either have it inside your cupboard or keep in on your countertop. There are four rubber feet that prevent the rack from moving and the drawers open very smoothly. The drawers pull out and lower so you can easily see your labels. It also comes with pre-marked and empty labels to put on your rack.

I put my spices in alphabetical order so I can find them very quickly. Having my spices organized definitely has saved me a lot of time looking for them. I love that you can store so many bottles in this small cabinet. The dividers will accommodate both round and square bottles so you don’t have to stick to one brand. I love this feature. I have 24 large spice bottles that fit my culinary repertoire perfectly, allowing me to harmoniously compose lots of delicious meals. This spice rack is fabulous, it’s practical and functional! The amount of space I’ve saved is surprising! I just wish they came in more colors!

YouCopia has several different spice racks that would fit any kitchen’s needs or size. They also carry coffee stacks and one for medication. Clever products are always created out of necessity!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.