Your Yin Yang Body Type

When it comes to healing, exercise and diet, one size fits all doesn’t exist. What works successfully for one person, may have a negative effect on another. Have you ever noticed this? Some people can lose vast amounts of weight or heal with a specific program while it has virtually no effect on others. Or have you wondered how smoking destroys so many lives, yet there are those who live into their nineties that smoke daily. It’s baffling, right?┬áThere is an easy explanation, and it’s found in my newest book Your Yin Yang Body Type The Korean Tradition of Sasang Medicine.

Your Yin Yang Body Type The Korean Tradition of Sasang Medicine.

I believe a lot of us have heard about eating right for your blood type, but this book goes much deeper. It engages the ancient Eastern medicine Sasang, which is based on the theory that each individual is born with unique energies, and varying emotional and physical strengths reflective of their body type. Strong emotions parallel with strong organs, and weak tendencies are associated with weaker organs.

As you read through the four different body types, you may be able to discern quickly which body type you are. They are Yin A, Yin B, Yang A, and Yang B.

You can optimize your health by following that specific program that’s designed for your energies and body type. The book describes the emotional balance, diet, and exercise for each of the four body types. Each body type is affected by food, exercise and the environment differently, so they have unique formulas to follow.

This book addresses the mind, body and spirit collectively and shows how we can balance these harmoniously. Two family members and I tried to figure out our body types, but I don’t think we were successful. What we thought was our dominant emotion, did not correlate with our stronger organ. In this case, it might be advantageous to seek out those who can assist us in discovering our body type. The Yin Yang Body Type another avenue to reaching our potential and living optimally.

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