Zaggora HotPants Review

If I think back on all the different diets and exercise programs I tried over the years I would run out of fingers and toes. Some were downright goofy and dumb and perhaps a little harmful to my body! Others were well thought out but I had to count points or weigh my food so it was very time-consuming. If it’s not easy or fun to do no one will stick with a diet. I also reflect back to how many times I joined the gym. I was gung-ho for the first few months but the novelty worn off after that. Getting up at 4 am to go to the gym on a cold winter day is not in any way a moment of merriment. Can you relate?

What if I told you there really is a solution to burning calories and it couldn’t be easier. There is a new secret weapon in the battle of the bulge that I am about to unveil. Zaggora offers us unique exercise wear with their special Celu-Lite Technology. This multi-layer fabric technology traps the body’s natural heat during exercise to increase core temperature. This, in turn, increases the calories we burn and the pounds we shed for optimal results. The more you sweat, the more you burn, burn, burn those calories and I’m all for that.

zappora capriI got to try out Zaggora’s HotPants Capri 2.0. These pants are not like any other exercise gear I’ve worn before. They are made of out of a special magical medley of neoprene, polyester and nylon. Moving in this fabric will sound like your wearing ski pants.

The 2.0  is a thinner, lighter and more flexible version than their original classic HotPants and I was anxious to try them. The HotPants are extremely lightweight and remind me a lot of scuba gear. They have a unique feel and look to them that is nothing like the stretchy cotton exercise pants I usually wear. They will feel a little odd and stiff at first until you get used to the feel. The fit may not be precise. For example the pair I wore fit slightly loose on my hips and waist but was looser on my thighs. No fear though, the Celu-Lite Technology will work no matter how the garment fits.

I read about great results that a lot of gals were getting so my hopes were high. I have been using the Zaggora Capri’s for almost one month now and I have to admit that my results are fabulous. They fit quite comfortably and are flexible so I could effortlessly do any exercises and stretches without any hindrance. For the purpose of the review, I kept my exercise program was very simple. I walked 30 minutes a day and did 10 minutes of rebounding. That’s it! I did not have to go to the gym to get results. I lost one inch on my waist and hips and 1 1/4 inches off my thighs. My thighs look a little smoother too. I don’t recall getting such quick results on any other program I’ve tried before so this is very encouraging. My clothes definitely fit a lot looser and I’m enjoying it. I put on my size 8 pants that have been hanging for a while and they were loose. What!! These HotPants have me incredibly excited!!

You will get quite hot and do a lot of sweating in these pants. That means it’s working. When you take the pants off you will be soaking wet so you will absolutely need to shower. There are some steps you need to be aware of in taking care of the HotPants. You cannot wash them or dry them in your machines. They have to be hand washed. You cannot wring them out but instead, you have to press the water out and then air dry them. This may seem like a lot of work but it’s not. It took me ten minutes to wash, press the water out and hang them to dry. I hang them over a heat vent in my bathroom so they are ready for the next day.

I’ve never been so excited about exercise wear as I am about the Zaggora HotPants. They are not just another fitness gimmick or fad, they get you the results you are looking for. I give these garments the thumbs up and will continue to use them! They are awesome!

Besides HotPants Zaggora carries Body Blazers, HotTops and Slouchy’s and Coola Bras. They are all designed to get you to your fitness goal quickly.

Disclaimer:  I received a pair of Zaggora HotPants for review only. The opinions and views expressed here are my own, yours may differ.