Zen & Wellness Practices

Gone are the days of simple living. Hectic lifestyles are accepted as the norm, but they ultimately have enormous consequences. Our busy schedules have us going in several directions, meeting unreasonable deadlines and sacrificing family time. This way of living can take a toll on our health and cause serious emotional, spiritual, and physical imbalances. We’ve become stressed, exhausted, and depressed and are searching for ways to make our lives whole. If you feel you’ve reached this point, here are a few transformation books that will share some zen and wellness practices to bring harmony back into your lives.

The Gratitude Prescription

The Gratitude Prescription, harnessing the power of thankfulness for healing and happiness

The Gratitude Perscription, Harnessing the Power of Thankfulness for Healing and Happiness is filled with consoling and beneficial information that will help us face and heal the challenges of life. The book is divided into four parts, Part 1: Gratitude’s Many Powers, Part 2: Becoming Grateful for Your Entire Life, Part 3: How Gratitude Transforms Suffering and Struggle, and Part 4: Gratitude Reveals Truths of Existence. Each Part has several chapters that highlight the power of and a specific area of being grateful.

Each chapter also shares a positive affirmation, a meditation exercise, and an additional exercise to further your experience on the topic. They were created so we can find happiness and peace in any given moment or situation. You’ll also learn how to embrace and nurture your unique talents. The biggest lesson we’ll learn is how mastering unconditional gratitude will change your mind, and your brain, and transform your life.

Ten to Zen

Ten to Zen - 10 minutes a day to a calmer, happier you

Ten to Zen, Ten Minutes a Day to a Calmer, Happier You is filled with short practices so we can gain clarity and learn to chill out. Using a combination of therapy and mindfulness techniques you can learn to reduce stress, alter unhealthy thought patterns and improve your mental well-being.

Part One – The Background
* Chapter 1: The Ten in the Zen
* Chapter 2: committing to the Change
* Chapter 3: The Antics of the Brain

Part Two – The Ten-Minute Workout
* Chapter 4: Minute 1 – Time to Stop
* Chapter 5: Minutes 2 and 3 – Time for Your Calm Space
* Chapter 6: Minutes 4 and 5 – Time to Breath
* Chapter 7: Minutes 6 and 7 – Time to Tame Your Thoughts
* Chapter 8: Minutes 8 and 9 – Time to Be Mindful
* Chapter 9: Minute 10 – Time to Embody Your Ten-to-Zen Principles
* Chapter 10: Beyond Ten to Zen

Each chapter also has exercises that allow you to stop, reflect and offer a place for you to pen your pondering. The empowering guide provides clear instructions and tips for personal growth and developing a daily mindful meditation practice.

The Rituals

The Rituals, simple practices to cultivate well-being

The Rituals, Simple Practices to Cultivate Well-Being, Deepen Relationships and Discover Your True Purpose offers 36 different spiritual practices from around the globe. The purpose of these rituals is to guide you to new places within yourself. Each of these practices has a purpose, be it grounding, awareness, attunement, abundance and more. Some of the rituals you will learn are:

  • Design Your Sacred Space
  • Mindful Morning
  • Enchanted Evening
  • Honor Your Ancestors
  • The Game of Gratitude
  • Mindful Eating
  • Travel Through Time
  • The Ultimate Ritual
  • many more

Each ritual is featured with serene watercolors that immediately puts you in a calm space. It also shares what each ritual is perfect for. For instance, the Tea or Coffee Ceremony is perfect for Warming your heart and your body, setting intentions and practicing mindfulness. They’re easy to do, fun to practice and offer powerful results.

Disclaimer: I received products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.