Zoology, Inside the Secret World of Animals

“Zoology is the branch of biology that studies the animal kingdom, including the structure, embryology, evolution, classification, habits, and distribution of all animals, both living and extinct, and how they interact with their ecosystems.” Wikipedia

Animals are adorable and bring so much joy into our lives. Just look at a photo of any animal and we feel an internal warmth and heartfelt compassion for these creatures. Kids are naturally drawn to animals and feel empathy and a connection with them. That’s why zoos are so popular. They introduce and expose kids to a variety of animals that are normally in the wild. But another way to educate children about more animals is through books like the Smithsonian Zoology, Inside The Secret World Of Animals.

Zoology , secret world of animals

The Smithsonian Zoology, Inside The Secret World Of Animals, covers a vast amount of animals from algae to insects to birds to sea creatures to giant pandas. This engaging compendium is divided into 10 categories with numerous sub-topics being addressed.

Each group of animals covered features stunning full-color wildlife photographed, explanatory charts, graphs or diagrams, and details about their unique features. As kids dive into one of their favorite animals or are captivated by a new species, they’ll learn about their environment, how they adapt, what they eat, how they stay warm or cool, how they protect themselves, how they communicate and even share some size comparisons to other animals.

Readers will also discover prehistoric animal paintings from various parts of the world, including Australia and Egypt, that feature extinct animals. Some of them are pretty graphic, offering the inner anatomy of some of the hunted animals. Or step into the world of art and learn about Expressionist Nature – animals in art, from artists like Vincent van Gogh and Franz Marc.

Kids will find the Smithsonian Zoology, Inside The Secret World Of Animals book, fascinating. There is so much to learn and experience, be it the delicate dorsel fin of a Seahorse or the scaly wings of a butterfly. This encyclopedia offers so much insight and a conscious understanding of our wonderful animal kingdom. It leaves you with a deep appreciation and respect for the animals on our planet.

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