Zoomigurumi Endangered Animals Crochet Patterns

One of our biggest concerns on the planet is ensuring the survival of many endangered animals. It’s very clear that past generations and our governments have done a terrible job and protecting the diverse species of wildlife all over the world. Through stupidity, ignorance, selfishness, and greed, some of our animals are gone for good. It hurts the heart and infuriates us to no end. Thankfully, there are many individuals now who are making an effort to ensure the safety and longevity of these animals. But we all need to wake up and do our part to protect these endangered animals and their habitat. One way is through awareness, and that is exactly what my new crochet book, Zoomigurumi Endangered Animals has done.

Zoomigurumi Endangered Animals

The Zoomigurumi Endangered Animals not only raises awareness of the urgency to protect our animals and their environment, but it provides us the with most adorable crochet patterns I’ve seen. Inside this book, you will find captivating patterns for fifteen different animals on the endangered species list. Each pattern was carefully crafted by a talented designer to capture the unique features and personalities of the animal.

Zoomigurumi Endangered Animals
  • Stitches and Info
  • Finley the Blue Whale
  • Cleo the Yellow Crested Cockatoo
  • Monty the Giant Manta Ray
  • Ron the Red Panda
  • Kia the Monk Seal
  • Jack the Crested Penguin
  • Mayangi & Matonda, Mountain Gorillas
  • Luty the Polar Bear
  • Nestor the Leaf-Nesting Shrub Frog
  • Panpan the Giant Panda
  • Zuma the Sloth
  • Zilia the Mangrove Hummingbird
  • Gilly the Axolotl
  • Ernest the Pangolin
  • Mara the Peacock Spider

The onset of the book shares the yarn and other supplies you will need to create these beautiful patterns. Plus, they also walk you through all the crochet stitches and techniques you will need to know. Each pattern is marked with a skill level from easy* to intermediate** to advanced***. There are several patterns on each level so there is a project for everyone to create.

Zoomigurumi Endangered Animals

The patterns are gracefully organized. You are presented with the skill level, finished size of the animal, yarn weight and colors, and other supplies needed, and some information about that specific endangered animal. There are also QR codes throughout the book that will take you to the Amigurumi website to watch some video tutorials which is really helpful if you are a visual learner. Each pattern has a QR code that you can use if you have any questions, need some inspiration, or just want to share a proud photo of your project. Secret code: jacquard.

The written patterns are clear and easy to follow from making to assembling your project. There are lots of step-by-step numbered tutorial photos and several full-color photos of the finished results as well. They literally walk you through every step of creation.

This is an amazing crochet book that would be perfect for every crafter’s library. With the holiday season coming up, not only would the Zoomigurumi Endangered Animal toys make the ideal gifts, but so would the book. Your kids will love them and encourage you to make all of the animals.

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  1. I am semi-disabled and crochet a LOT, often donating the items I have made.
    These animals are all beautiful, and they look challenging enough to keep my interest. What great gifts they would make!

  2. OMG there’s a pangolin pattern! They’re all so cute!
    I’ve only done a little amigurumi but none of it was this adorable!

  3. These patterns are so cute! I love trying new patterns and these little animals would make great Christmas gifts.

  4. I would love to win this for myself. I need a crafty hobby. I am just not sure which one is the right one for me, but I’d like to find something I love.

  5. This book would be a perfect match for my family – my daughter loves to crochet and my 6 year old grandson loves to learn about endangered animals.

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