Zumba Fitness Review

It’s a new year and most of us have a long list of resolutions that we are absolutely going to accomplish this year; every single one of them, right? Well whether we’re high achievers or optimistic fools, attaining a better body is usually at the top of the list. Eager and gung-ho to start a new program is the easy part, coming up with a doable and enjoyable program is the challenge. We’re so motivated at the beginning of a new year that we create unrealistic exercise programs that we end up hating and therefore quitting. We also tend to repeat the same ole’ programs we’ve done before knowing we really don’t dig this type of workout. Cardio and weights!! Boring!! Why not try something different, something new, and perhaps exciting? I would love to introduce you to a hip and exhilarating exercise program that is completely new to me.

Zumba Fitness is all about “partying yourself into shape“! It’s the latest and greatest dance fitness program with an international flair and flavor. You literally dance your way into shape using red-hot dance steps infused with the fast tempo and high energy of Latin and other upbeat and rhythmic music. Are you ready to rumba?

The kit I received came with a Fresh & Simple Nutrition Book, Program Guide, 4 DVDs (bilingual), and a Riser. The nutrition guide offers a 7 day Rapid result eating plan and a 10-day Everyday weight loss plan. Each day is set up for you and included recipes. The nutritional content is also provided so you know exactly what you’ve ingested. The program guide breaks down each DVD and program so you can determine where to start and what works best for your current fitness level. The center of the book has two workout calendars, Fun & Easy Body Slimming and Maximum Weight Loss. Like any program if you want to be successful you have to do things the right way, so they’ve included effective and necessary ‘training tips‘. Following these tips, you’ll have a blast and you won’t injure yourself.

Zumba Fitness

DVD #1 Quick Start & 20 Minute Express:
If you’re like me and have never danced in your life, you will definitely want to start off with the Quick Start DVD. Here all the dances are broken down step by step so you can grasp these moves at a slow pace. This is the heart of the program, if you don’t learn the dance steps you won’t be able to really enjoy and get into the groove of the workouts.

There’s an authentic band playing all the rhythmic music while you’re learning the awesome dance moves. How fabulous is that! Loretta and Hermann take you through all the dance steps starting with the basic moves with your feet, adding your arms and then picking up the pace. There are three different paces, and I personally cannot get to pace 3, at least not yet. Honestly, as I’m going through all these moves I’m thinkin’, oh my goodness what have I’ve gotten myself into. This is a serious workout and I’ve got two left feet. It’s a challenge to learn all the steps, but totally fun.

High energy Nick will take you through the 20 Minutes Express. It’s a result kicking DVD where you’ll get maximum results in minimal time. There are 5 short and sweet workouts that will have you hip-hopping to the beats of: Zupersonic Flow, Cumbia Flow, Tumba, Pretenciosa, and Alegria Pa Zumbar. This is a fabulous DVD for us beginners, it’s at least at a pace newbie’s can handle.

DVD #2 The Super Cardio Dance Party really kicks cardio into turbo gear. Wow, if you thought you learned all the moves, think again! This DVD starts you off learning the new moves with Kass which include: Merengue March & Push, Bollywood Arm Combination, Traveling, Rock Back, & Quebradita Heel Dig. It consists of 14 cardio dance workouts where they’ve added super cardio burst routines. They will give you a cue when the bursts are about to happen. The color of the screen will fade to basically black & white, when the cardio burst is over the colors will return to normal again. If you’re not able to keep up with the group don’t worry about doing these bursts, just jiggle, shake and bounce at your own pace. Have plenty of water and a towel near cause you are going to be working up a serious sweat.

DVD #3 Zumba Step is my absolute favorite. Here you are using the Riser which was specifically designed to be used with Zumba music. With the Riser, you will be working more muscles in your legs, glutes, and even engaging your core. Its goal is to give you shapely, firm, and tones buns, and who doesn’t want that? The beginning of the DVD shows you how to use the Riser properly and safely. You will always want to use a flat surface and proper shoes, no bare feet here. Beto takes you through the 10 workouts, each includes all the dance steps you’ve learned but with added moves using the Riser. If you’re not ready or feel it’s too much, do the moves without the Riser, you will still get awesome workouts. Your legs and butt will be begging for mercy, but the results will be worth it. I really enjoyed this DVD.

DVD #4   30 Minute Burn & Amazing Abs revs up the energy even more. The 30 Minute Burn is just that. There are 7 different workouts that will get your pulse pumping and your body screaming. You’re working out with a whole group of people, just like taking a class at your local fitness center. I really like watching everyone, you’ll see not all are at the same pace so I felt really comfortable.
Amazing Abs has 4 furious routines using a chair and dance moves. In all the workouts you’ll be sitting down scrunching and crunching your core with specific moves that are broken up with dance moves. I totally enjoyed this DVD. I know, are you kidding me? Who wants to work out their abs? You will,  once you start using this DVD and feeling and seeing just how much fun it is. Oh yes, it’s painful but thankfully they toss in some dance moves to give you a break. How about a six-pack; gorgeous rock hard abs for summer? It’s totally doable with these routines.

Each DVD also offers the choice of having the verbal cues on or off. To get started I would definitely suggest keeping them on. Once you know the routines, just enjoy the music and dance along. It won’t take long and you’ll soon notice your body is getting toned and tighter. So, are you ready to get into shape for summer? Has this review turned your inner spark into a burning flame? Are you ready to have fun and burn calories? I would highly recommend Zumba Fitness. Looking awesome is just a few dance steps away. Come on, join me!!

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. I received a sample for review only. The opinions expressed here are my own, yours may differ.